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A Typical Legend

Read it if you wish.

  1. Artisan
    It was a chilling fall day. A young lad leaves his house to go fishing. He had to walk through the forest, full of dark shades of red or orange. The sky was pale. The pond was still entirely liquid, which surprised the boy. He saw a stranger across from the lake. He could not tell the form or statue of the person, but he had the impression it was someone. The boy did not move from his location fishing for he was too afraid and he had enough sense to know it wasn't the right thing to do. He just sat there fishing. His old friends he met in the dreams had lived in places strange to him. Where ashes of volcanoes seem like amazement, as his memories of fire and what it leaves behind are well known to him. Like seeing a fire that is much bigger help the lives of the many, versus the few. The person across the pond (which now seemed like a lake because of his perspective of his rod) had now left. The boy only grew more curious, but did not worry, for he did not care whether it was a mortal or not. Thus ends the legend I made up.

    What did you think? Should the story end differently?

Recent Comments

  1. paceygym
    He should have died =/ jk