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Action replay for Pokemon and Animal Crossing

No. Just no.

  1. StaticPaws
    Many people here have probably heard of Action Replay, a.k.a tool of destruction. If you haven't, well to put it simply, it's a hardware used for cheating. I know you can get it for ds and wii but I'm not sure if it's been released for 3ds yet.

    I know that action replays are old now, but there are still similar things out there.
    My advice is, never get an action replay or anything similar to it. Seriously.

    These are cartridges that slot into your consoles just like regular ds games and most people use them for hacking pokemon and animal crossing games. Obtaining shiny pokemon, rare candies, low level legendaries and editing the layout of animal crossing towns.

    It completely ruins the fun of the game
    Sure, It might start out being fun, but then you realize that you haven't actually achieved anything at all by beating the champion with your lv.100 6.IV shiny Arceus or by paying of the whole of your animal crossing mortgage with a hack.
    I used to have an action replay (I was 9, and stupid) and after a few months, my animal crossing wild world town looked exactly like this:
    which honestly is kinda fun at first, but then the novelty of it starts wearing down and you realise that you've wrecked your entire game. ._.
    It can corrupt your game
    For example, by using action replay hacks that allow you to catch other trainers's/ncp's pokemon, you can get a pokemon called a 'bad egg', if you get one, delete it straight away because when it hatches, it can permanently corrupt your game.;-;

    I hope I've convinced some people to never use hacks :3

Recent Comments

  1. spagooti
    I wouldn't use it much but like if I have a path and a villager decided I'm moving right here, and I normally have no room to change the direction of the path to go around, I would use one, just not for stuff like bell spawning or House upgrades or anything game dulling like that, and I disagree on using it for games like Ocarina of Time 3D, like yeah one time I got through a boss and got the medallion thing and saved, quit, next day I had to re do the boss, but I wouldn't AR that..
  2. Roy the specialist
    Roy the specialist
    I actually broke a game while doing it but now it least I know it breaks the game
  3. paceygym
    Sometimes it can make stuff more fun and interesting but you do have to be careful.
  4. dominiquet
    have you heard of action replay powersaves for the 3ds
    1. StaticPaws
      Blogger's Response
      oh yeah, I've heard of it...but I've never actually used one before :3
  5. Ruby
    The Action Replay cartridge is really delicate, so don't expect to use it a lot.
  6. MathiasDrake
    I can agree, but sometimes gameshark or AR codes create a fun experience, depending on the game. Platformers such as metroid or Mega Man, RPG's or anyone sort of open world games. It's interesting to see what stuff is STILL in the game data even though you can't see it.

    Some games have Dev rooms still hidden inside, I think Chrono Trigger is one of them. I know Zelda Ocarina of Time has many many secret rooms, new ones still being found to this day. I'm also positive there's a bunch of hidden things in games like Super Mario 64, Mario Sunshine, and so on. AR codes aren't all bad, depends on how you use them. Cheating with them just to cheat is pretty lame though
  7. Easton
    so I would use it to help me with pokemon
  8. OopaMazo
    My friend has Action Replay for the Gamecube (or something similar to it). Every time I go to his house, we just use it for Super Smash Bros. Melee in order to be able to pick from a variety of characters. Going back to what you were saying though, game cheats in general are kill joys, not just the ones found in action replay.