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Animal Crossing: all games

A reveiw of all animal crossing games.

  1. CoolMonkey14
    1. Animal Crossing GameCube

    Animal Crossing is a life simulator released in Japan for the N64 on April 14 2001. Later it was released in the USA on the GameCube on the following December. I have to say the graphics are pretty good for its time. It had a lot of features that you have in the newer games. This includes the museum, Tom Nooks store, fruit trees, Gyroids, custom clothes, expansions for your house and most importantly the animals. I really don't have a bad opinion for this game.

    2. Animal Crossing Wild World
    Animal Crossing Wild World Is the next game in the Animal Crossing series, released in 2005. This game however is on Nintendo's DS (Duel Screen). it is 64-bit which most DS games weren't. on this game it had features the other games didn't. for example you can get a type of insurance from Tom Nook so if you buy a fake painting you get bells. also
    also you arrive in town in a cab. One big feature of this game is that it uses Wi-Fi. The only bad thing is the graphics. they were plain awful! but if you want to get into the series this is a good place to start.

    3. Animal Crossing City folk.
    This game here is my first animal crossing game and gave me a lot of memories. This game was released in 2008 and has a lot of good things about it. This is the successor of both animal crossing games and you can tell. The graphics are good the storyline is great the game is excellent! my favourite part is the beaches, shopping at the city and doing pro designs. this game has a sense of freedom and creativity. this game is excellent and I thought nothing was better.

    4. Animal Crossing New Leaf
    Do you know when I said that I thought nothing was better than Animal Crossing City Folk? I was wrong! This game for the 3ds was absolutely awesome. released in 2012 these graphic were awesome. In this game you have the privilege of being MAYOR!!! there are so many things that you can do that give you more creativity than ever before. and having to unlock a lot of things give you a sense of achievement which keeps you playing forever. this game is the best animal crossing game the only thing I disliked is only one player can be mayor.
    This is my first post so I hope you like it


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Recent Comments

  1. DarkDrifloon
    Good review. Excellent work
  2. KooleoKun
    good list i also have the city folk and i'm trying to get 3ds one
    1. CoolMonkey14
      Blogger's Response
      That is what 3ds peidia is for
  3. Rin
    I have all 4 games, however, I can no longer play the original GCN one because my controllers broke. I constantly play New Leaf and have left the others in the dust, but City Folk was my fave game before New Leaf.

    Also, if I can correct you on one tiny thing: The "insurance" in WW is not bought from Tom Nook. Lyle stops by your house every Saturday. It's a rip off too.
    1. CoolMonkey14
      Blogger's Response
      thank you for correcting me rin. Also you can also buy GCN controllers now that you can use them in some games for the wii U.
  4. SmashChamp
    Nice list.
    1. CoolMonkey14
      Blogger's Response
      thank you