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Anything in Gaming...Kay

I play games, so ill talk about them and achivements i did.

  1. GamerKnight469
    Mario Kart7: LUiGI
    okay I was playing MK7 on my 2DS and then selected luigi, one of my favs:D. While i was watching my replay(for no reason) and then I saw Luigi do the Luigi death stare..:eek:AAAAAAAAAH.

    a Random Luigi deathstare LOL[​IMG] Just wanted to share.

Recent Comments

  1. PigMayor
    Luigi Death Stare = 2 stars
    I am still here (Fnaf 3) (Why?) = 2 stars
  2. OopaMazo
    That's cool and all, but I think we all have seen Luigi's death stare.

    Welcome to 3DS Pedia btw.