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Are Pokemon X&Y actually worth it?

I'm asking if Pokemon X&Y are worth the money to buy

  1. Drayer
    Okay I was wanting to know if I should get either Pokemon X&Y when I get enough PC to get redeem for it or should I just go for a different game and if so what about the two games are bad for me not to get them so if someone could please clear this up for me that would be great!!!

Recent Comments

  1. FirstSerpent
    I have over 600 Hours of Playtime on my Copy of Pokémon X, and that says something. Although, if you haven't gotten it yet, it might be better to Get Omega Ruby or Alpha Sapphire instead.
  2. KEWYoda
    I too thought about getting Pokemon X/Y. L uckily I recieved it as a gift. Pokemon X had great graphics and a fabulous storyline that excited me. I couldn't stop playing. So many new and great Pokemon to capture and trade. Also many new additions to the game. You can pet your pokemon, train them in a different way. And, my favourite buy and dress your character. Overall a great game to buy if your a begginer or to add to your pokemon game collection.
  3. Largoe818
    I had the same problem but I ended up getting the game. If you really are a Pokemon fan you would like these games.the last Pokemon game I played before this one were the ones for game boy advanced.and I'll tell you that they made them way better. I think it was even more exciting for me because I wasn't familiar with all these new pokemon and hyper evolution. The battle scenes are awesome tho it reminded me of the battling of Pokemon collasium but better graffics.you will get addicted to this game..I spent a lot of hours on that game beware
    1. Drayer
      Blogger's Response
      Thanks man i'm kinda like you I came straight from pokemon games from the gba so I i'm having mixed feeling about it because of the new pokemon and evolutions but i'll take your advice and get so thanks again dude and have a good night.
  4. Earth2543
    If you are not posting like crazy by the time you have enough PCs for it, a new gen of pokemons might already out by that time -_-
    1. Drayer
      Blogger's Response
      Okay thanks for telling me this btw how exactly do I get pc by posting if you know could you tell me?