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Why this site is awesome

  1. ToxicWolf1132
    So very recently, I was reading an extremely well written post on Game Informer's website about resolutions gamers tend to make. One of them was about going through and beating games from our backlogs, and recommended a site called Backloggery. It's a neat little site that lists your games, shows which ones your currently playing, and so much more all in an attempt to help you to finish the games in your backlog. If your the type of person who has tons of games and need help keeping track of them all/encouragement for finally getting around to some games you bought, then never played, this site is for you. I'll leave the link for the site here if you're intrested. Feel free to multitap me if you want.


Recent Comments

  1. Nanamine
    I love Backloggery!
  2. BacklogGamer
    i'm sure that site's greeat and all, but i'd rather not be reminded of how many games i've left unfinished :(