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Balancing Annoyances (Smash 3DS/Wii U of course!)

Skill level does not determine the winner. It is the matchup and the constant rolling and smashing m

  1. Artisan
    Smash can be a very discouraging game. Especially projectile spam on Little Mac. How can players feel a sense of individuality without being given enough options with one character to even counter another? Using a different character. This is also a problem in some cases where competitive players clearly have mains if not a set of them since knowing one character really well gives you more advantages at times than another that is less known to the player. If Little Mac was a returning character this wouldn't be a problem. Here's my issue:

    Link uses his arrows and boomerang. How can Little Mac win? I've tried shielding, but when you roll closer an arrow or boomerang can easily get you. I've tried countering but the person with the arrow has no risk involved most the time and you can easily wait until the counter is over to deal damage. I can try his side special, but that can only work during the use of the arrow or perhaps the boomerang. And I've had numerous problems using it because of the end move lag there can always be a roll and then a smash attack to follow because he released the arrow and rolled before the side special even touches Little Mac. There has to be an easier way... I'll try Smash attacks (because Little Mac gets super armor on them) and crouching to avoid arrows later...

    If that doesn't work I'll use Jigglypuff. That'll show everyone online. :sneaky:

    And now my other issue I said about rolling and smash attacks. Robin and Rosalina/Luma are on trial now since they have quick or annoying enough smash attacks to use after they roll on Little Mac's side special and they have projectiles that can be trouble. Robin's slower thunder standard special cannot be overcome by Little Mac's counter leading to limited options besides shielding and rolling/spotdodging. Rosalina can be really hard to hit because Luma always gets in the way and Rosalina has quick Smash attacks.

    So that's why I say if Little Mac was to face Link, Robin, or Rosalina/Luma and both players had the same skill level the projectile users would have better odds but that doesn't mean Little Mac is guaranteed to lose.

Recent Comments

  1. N
    Well there are some characters that are known to be able to fight against other characters better than others. So if two people at somewhat same skill level fought one using little mac another using link then there is a greater chance that the player using link will win. It's all about matchup. The rest is dealing damage and seeing what tactics you can use in battle to overcome an unfriendly matchup.
  2. OopaMazo
    That might all be true, but what about other close up fighters such as Donkey Kong? No matter the troll, there's always a way to get the upper hand. Study you opponent's moves as you fight them (since you say they do the same moves over and over again, then you know what to expect) because when Mac baby gets close to the opponent, there's no stopping him!
    1. Artisan
      Blogger's Response
      My point is Little Mac is really great, and plays like a real life boxer. He has somewhat limited options that have better advantages than moves like air attacks, however the struggle is trying to get closer to projectile users. So against DK he'd be fine and have a huge advantage over DK even if DK has a chance.
  3. Ruby