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Beta - Majora's Mask

The beta of Majora's Mask and it's development.

  1. Megalegacy98
    Majora's Mask. 3 days to do stuff, giant creepy moon, and creepy mask transformations. To celebrate the upcoming release of Majora's Mask 3D for the Nintendo 3DS, I'll be talking about the development of The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask.

    Development Story:
    Majora's Mask development started as a game called "Zelda Gaiden" which means "Zelda Side-Story". The reason why it was called "Zelda Side-Story" was because it was supposed to be an expansion for Ocarina of Time along with UraZelda. UraZelda was supposed to add remixed and harder dungeons, along with new enemies and other stuff. Zelda Side-Story was to have a redesigned overworld and a brand-new adventure. Eiji Aonuma, Zelda Gaiden's dungeon designer, wasn't impressed. He thought he was just remaking Ocarina of Time again. When Aonuma complained to Miyamoto, Miyamoto challenged him to make a new installment, but in only one year. Aonuma accepted the challenge and got straight to work. The development team experimented ways of making the game in a year, and eventually decided to use a 7-day time based system instead of the final game's 3-days. This allowed Zelda Gaiden to be developed in 18 months.
    Zelda Gaiden was originally planned to be released on a cancelled console, called the Nintendo 64 Disk Drive.[​IMG]
    Because it was going to be for the Nintendo 64 Disk Drive, it was to exploit many of the features to come with it. An eternal clock was used to keep track of time, and also what you did in the game would permanently change what would happen in the days again. Unfortunately, the Nintendo 64 Disk Drive died and was buried on E-bay, so Zelda Gaiden was remade in cartridge form. Sometime in the middle of development, the game was renamed to "The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask" to "reinvent the game".

    Some differences between the beta and the final:
    Link's model was the same as Ocarina of Time
    Gorman Brother's were once one Ingo
    Moon originally had no face [​IMG]
    Layout of stages are different, and have an Alice in Wonderland feel to them, as seen in this video

    Jabu-Jabu Fishing:
    Majora's Mask was going to include a fishing minigame called Jabu-Jabu Fishing. Miyamoto even stated if you catch Jabu-Jabu, it might stop the moon from falling.

    Time-selling merchant:
    That's right. In Majora's Mask, there was originally going to be a merchant that sold time for rupees.

    OK, we've covered the development. Now let's go into the unused material.

    Unused items:

    Hylian Loach:
    Probably the most finished unused item in the game. When used, it acts like an event item.

    "Empty" Bottle:
    This item appears as an empty bottle, but when you use it, it works like a bottled Poe. Link takes a swig of purple liquid, spits out a puff of smoke, and receives on heart of healing or one heart of damage.

    [​IMG] This wallet would be the wallet you start with, as the number is "99". It's uncertain where the icon would be used.

    Deku Horn, Goron Drum, and Zora Guitar

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] (From left to right, Deku Horn, Goron Drum, Zora Guitar) These items exist as independent items in the Japanese version, and are fully functional. Most likely used to change the Ocarina icon whenever the person changed into the respective form. There are some early screenshots of the game with these icons equipped in the C buttons:

    Zora Guitar

    Goron Drums

    Deku Horn

    Unused Objects:

    Potion Shop Salesman:
    This guy appeared in Ocarina of Time. He got redesigned, but lacks animations.

    Link's Mask:
    This mask has 3 models, each rotated differently for different scenario's. Though what's really weird is that Majora's Mask has 3 models rotated exactly like the Link Mask models. This suggests that sometime during development, Skull Kid wore Link's Mask. With a code, you can make Skull Kid wear the mask.

    Zelda's Flute:
    This strange object suggests that Zelda would use the flute during the cutscene where he remembers the Song of Time. How does it suggest it? This flute can be found in the same place as Zelda's model. This model is the same one found in Ocarina of Time when a Skull Kid plays it.

    Unused Cutscenes:

    Great Fairy Cutscenes:

    Some early Great Fairy cutscenes. This one shows the Great Fairy teaching Link the spin attack:

    This one shows Link burning calories... Talk about Zelda Fit :p

    Older Clock Tower:

    Here is an older clock tower before it was remodeled.[​IMG]

    Well that's all I can talk about on the development of Majora's Mask! Tell me which beta you would like to see next!

Recent Comments

  1. 3dsatackman
    That is so cool thanks for telling us :)
    1. Megalegacy98
      Blogger's Response
      No problem :)
  2. jasjas
    This is awesome! Anything with Majoras Mask is awesome :3 I'm following this for sure!
    1. Megalegacy98
  3. Marc
    When I first saw those videos, I actually thought they were Zelda fan-made games where Link was training. I've only played three Zelda games in the past so I wouldn't know :P (A Link to the Past, Minish Cap and Wind Waker). But you learn some new stuff each day. Thanks for sharing another detailed blog post ^.^
    1. Megalegacy98
      Blogger's Response
      Your welcome! I've played alot of Zelda games, Ocarina of Time 3D, Windwaker HD, Skyward Sword, and Twilight Princess.
  4. T-Player Guy
    T-Player Guy
    So the moon wasn't meant to have a face?It would be less creeepier if it didn't,but I guess that might make it look generic.Anyways,great analysis! :)
    1. Megalegacy98
  5. D4rkDragon
    Once again, nice review of the elements of the beta. 5/5.
    As for the next review... Maybe a Wii or a GC game ?
    1. Megalegacy98
      Blogger's Response
      Thanks! I could do a GC or a Wii game. I was thinking about Luigi's Mansion...