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It's a actual thing

  1. Magik
    Bloodsport, a kickstarter campagpin made to make donating blood fun. If that sentence was weird enough, then let me tell you how they do that!

    You play video games, and since lots of video games are bloody now a days, you lose and donate blood based on how much you lose in the game!

    A trailer for the Kickstarter is below:

Recent Comments

  1. Slowpoke
    OMG they´re killing off Noobs D:
    JK :P
    Well doesnt sound like the best idea tho
  2. PigMayor
    I dunno if I'd wanna do that, and I dunno my phobias except for claustrophobia and arachnophobia (Dunno if that 2nd 1 is even spelled right o3o)
    1. Magik
      Blogger's Response
      It's the fear of blood