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Captain Toad Journal - Day 1

The adventures of the Captain himself!

  1. PigMayor
    Day 1 - Today wasn't the best day for me, or Toadette. We were out looking for Power Stars, and when we found one, this giant bird with a lot of bling showed up. Then, he took the star, and Toadette! I tried to rescue her, but to no avail. Being the person of my size, I couldn't reach her up there. Now, I am going on a journey to rescue her and get rid of that evil bird. I will continue this later.

Recent Comments

  1. milesiscool123
    you can do it! go and rescue toadette! :D
  2. MasterofBasics
    cool! very good! Keep it up, and go save Toadette!
  3. KooleoKun
    save toadette! you can do it1
  4. OopaMazo
    I feel you. I was actually using you in another universe exactly the same to ours. I manipulated you to collect valuable things like coins, stars, and shiny diamonds. I also made you avoid dangerous enemies and work your way around each puzzle of your journey. In my universe, you haven't rescued Toadette yet, but you will soon enough.