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Chapters 10-11

Example, don't worry you won't see more here! :D

  1. Kakea
    -Faire and Tanya explore their surroundings...-

    They look around at the town, and see the Icicle Inn... Tanya stood up and walks towards the outskirts of the area... She sighs as she watched the sunset...

    "We sssssssshall resst tonight... "

    She turns toward Faire and walks to him... "Humansssss can not sssurvive extreme temperatures like uss, your sssssoft race ist so weak... yet cocky...'

    Faire stares at the woman as she looks through the inn window... "You sssshall go in, and book a room... For I can not... I do not need to do a masssss killing now.... We have to sssssstay low until I canssssts find another weak point to get home through..."

    She gives him 1000gil, "Take thisss and get a room, I sssshall be there to check on you, ssssso do not try to essssscape!".

    Faire sighed after she pours the money into his hand, then unconsciously grabs her hand as he walks to the inn...

    "What the hell art thou doing!?

    She snatched away as Faire jumped "Sorry, I remembered my world: ...there I used to hold my sibling's hand whenever we were in a strange place, when we were little... I... I..." Faire looks away "I kinda thought "grab the little one" just then... I..."

    Tanya glares "Your horrid life assssside, thou hast to go in yoursssself! Or would you rather I kill the concierge and take a room!?"

    Faire walks to the inn... "Back in my world... I was still shy... At least circumstances and my friends took care of situations I was too uneasy about, to speak in... Now, I hafta do this... s***... Please let him understand what I'm saying..."

    He walks to the concierge "I'd... like a room...", the man glared "Sure... but...".

    He holds his face as he says "Um... sir, it's probably none of my business, but... you smell BAD! Worse than other adventurers that come here... could you bathe before you go to your room?"

    Faire sighs "OK...", he then walks back outside... Tanya looks up at the man...

    "We have a room, correct?!"

    She asks, Faire sighs as he looks away...

    "I have to bathe before he lets, me in the room..."

    Tanya sighs "Humansssss are so prisssy, and delicate, a sssmall thing sssssuch as a sssmell will deter you from your jobsssss... Wait here!"

    She walks away... Faire leaned against the Inn wall, "This must've happened thanks to me losing my cool around that monster... Originally: I could reverse me starving, needing to bathe... and possibly aging... but being around "it" changed me back... now my body's dying like every other one... I need to get something to eat and bathe as long as I'm still scared... I can't help but be uneasy about what "it's" doing too... I can't help but feel something bad's happening.."

    Meanwhile, a woman climbs out of her bathtub. She dries off, ...unbeknownst to her, Tanya sneaks up behind the unsuspecting woman, and stabs her to death!!! Blood sprays everywhere, as he kills her, then searched the house... She then walks back to the body...

    "No one elssse isssst in here, perfect! I'll sssstill need to hide the body, humanss get too sssssqueamish over such thingssss... That boy will never bathe here, if he sssseesss thissss blood..."

    Tanya drags it away and "hides" it, Faire sees the Tonberry walking back to him and stood erect.


    He follows her into a home, and in the bathroom... He sees blood everywhere!

    "I knew it... Something did happen... I was right... she killed someone..."

    Tanya glared "Hurry and bathe, ssssso we might get a room, or would you rather sleep in the carcasssss of a creature!?"

    Faire hurried inside and starts getting the bath ready... Later, he stood in the tub...

    "I need to follow that "thing" until I can get home... I have no way to get back or how anything works... I doubt any humans would help me either: back in m world, nobody was much help... I can't expect to ask anybody for help... they're always thinking of only what they're doing: They're jobs are above everything else. even other lives... So I'll need to stay with "it", and hope that thing that wanted me, would help me later... It didn't "feel as destructive" as that other guy... I think he's a guy?... he had a deep voice..."

    He finished bathing, then dries off... "Ah... I need clothes!", Tanya walks into the room...

    "You're finisssssshed? Wear thisssss, I know humanssss art alssssso wassssteful, there'ssssss nothing wrong with your previousssss robe"

    Faire catches Sephiroth's coat after she tosses it to him, he looks at her... "How did you get this?..." he asks

    Tanya replies "I found it on my Cleaver, it musssst have came off that idiot back there... It ssssssmellssss clean enough, you sssssshould be able to get into the inn now..."

    Faire puts on his coat, he glared at it... "It feels strange, I hope that guy didn't have anything... At least it reminds me of what I wore back home..."

    Tanya snickers "That freak probably had AIDSSSS or gonorrhea from the looksssss of his flowing hair, but never mind! We sssshall get the room now, we art wassssting time."

    Later, Faire rests in a room... Tanya flips into the window, and lies in a bed...

    "I ssssshall make ssssure thou sssshall not esssscape, tomorrow we sssshall find a way to get of this chunk of land: I have no way to get back home, and my potential in magic issssst low..."

    She doze off, then wakes up in a daze... "Sssssacrifice, you sssssaid you came from another world... What didssst thou do?"

    Faire replies "I was a Hero back in my world: ...Heroes were hired by the government to help people, and got paid for their services... I had to wear black all the time, because it was our team's uniform/theme... Our armor had powers, we used them to save people... I later found my defective armor was possessed by the God of our world... I had many powers as long as I was sharing my armor... then my body... but HE left. ...The only ability I had left, was my power to refect anything... which would've been more helpful for this..."

    Tanya wakes up completely as he finished "But now... I reverse anything done... anything that hits me, has reversed effects... as long as I concentrate...". She then asks "Reverssssssse?",

    Faire explains "When I first arrived, I was fine... even when I got hungry, it made me satisfied, when I got tired, I had energy... I was sure of what happened when a firey power covered me... I felt a cool blast cover my body instead... That's why I could get away from that monster before: I concentrated and even neutral actions done to me, will be reversed... That's why we're alive now..."

    Tanya glares "Then how didsssst I take you to my home?"

    Faire sighs... "I... I can't concentrate when I see you... I get unnerved and am unable to calm down...", Tanya walks to him... "Sssso, you can not relax around me... your power does not work around me?".

    Faire looks away, she then walks in front of him and holds her Cleaver in his face, twisting it back and forth...

    "Ssssso, if need to kill you, thou cansssst defend yourssssself... there'sss nothing thou can do?"

    Faire replies "Yeah...", she walks back to her bed... "Then thou sssshall come with me tomorrow and buy Materia so we canssssst defend ourssselvessss until we get home... I shall need sssssupport until I can find another weak point within the world...".

    Faire sighs as he dozed off... "I probably shouldn't of tell "it" everything... but I felt as if should of kept going... I felt as if I needed to... I'll need "it" to help me find people that'll help get back home, if that thing that wanted me knew I was dragged here... then it'll be able... no, I can't trust that it'll help me. I have to hope something helps me when I get there... this area seems more dangerous than the other for some reason..."

    The next morning, Faire got up... he looks around and noticed Tanya nowhere in the room...

    "Where she'd go?... I know it wouldn't leave me by myself... it needs me for it's King, it wouldn't go before it knew I was awake..."

    He searches the room, and hears her in another mini-room connected to the area... He opens the door

    Tanya meanwhile tries to put on a stolen dress... "I hate thissss, but I mussssst blend in to buy that material... I do not wissssssh to kill yet: until I get what I need... If I just take it, I know I'll be ssssssurounded by too many humanssss. I couldn't take them all on, and how ever more would crawl fro their depthssss to aassssissst thosssse thingsss..."

    She pulls the dress over her, Faire looks inside as she holds the it over her head... He sees her naked slender, yet toned emerald body... "!". Faire blushes as he steps back, Tanya feels someone staring, and quickly turns and sees him in the doorway!!!

    "GET OUT!!!!"

    Faire hurries out and speed walks away, "Oh s***, oh s***, oh s***, oh s***, oh s***....", his face burned as he awaits the woman...

    Tanya suddenly bursts through the door in a bloodstained dress and skirt!!!

    "What the hell were you doing ssssacrifice!!!? Are you inssssane!? Do you need to deformed!!!!?"

    Faire freaks "I... I was looking for you... I... didn't know you...", she yells "You idoit, thou knowesssst fully I ssssshan't leave the sssacrifice for my people alone! Thou truly believessst I am like unto any of you humanssss and would do ssssomething sssso ssssstupid!?".

    She stomps away.... Faire unconsciously says aloud to himself "She... she... she's a..."

    Tanya suddenly turns around "What the hell!? What'ssss with that look on thy face, you moron!?"

    Faire asks in horror... "You're a girl?...", Tanya yells "Yessss, of courssse I am, you fool!!! What the hell elsssse do I look like!?". Faire trembled "....a... a...girl..", Tanya spun back around in rage and stomps back into the other room...

    Faire sighed "She's a girl?... My pervert senses still work: I noticed the way she moved was different from what I thought she'd be... Humans of course are easy, unless they're trannies... But, I thought monsters had no gender or definitive way to know what they were... Unless you ask, or find their genitals... I'm kinda upset I'm such a pervert that I kinda guessed just from her movements... Though, I still disturbed by her... besides wanting to kill me... There's something keeping me from concentrating around her... is it for all ...whatever she is?"...

    Tanya walks back out of the other room, her face still red fro the incident earlier...

    "Alright pervert, we shalt go unto the market and fine Materia to help us traverssssse thissss land and find a weak point. If we cannot find one here, we sssshall find meansss to fly from here to Midgar again, I sssstill knowessssst the way back from there..."

    She looks outside... "Thou sssshalt pretend I'm one of you lower lifeformssss... asss we get ready...", she looks over her shoulder... "What did you do in your world again? You saith thy hassssst been in a team, what did you do in it?". Faire thought "It's ironic how it worked.... it's almost funny...", he replies "When Heroes were assigned to a team... they each got a roll: My friends were what you call here a Warrior, Tank, Mage, Ranger and... they labelled me as the Cleric: I could heal people with my powers, and could still protect and save people from death with my reflective ability...". Tanya glared "We ssssshall find White Materia too, if thy fail me, thou sssshalt be ssstranded and die by my brethern'ssssss handsssss..."

    -They go into Icicle Inn center, preparing to equip there small party... As Aerith watches...-

    -Faire and Tanya head toward the weapon shop to prepare for their search...-

    The two take a step towards the building, when Aerith suddenly grabs Faire's arm and rose it up!!! They turn in surprise to see her smiling "Got you!", she says having finally caught up! Faire stares at the woman holding him...

    "Wha... she came out of nowhere... Who is she? She doesn't seem like the other 2 people I've was with... her touch feels soft and warm... I love how she reminds of everything I loved back in my world... she's so pretty... No, I should concentrate and see what's happening... I don't if she wants to kill or not..."

    Tanya reached for her Cleaver hidden in her skirt... "This human came out of nowhere... I would have originally killed her, but I can not deal with doing thisssss now and attracting attention, I can not deal with a too many fighters... I sssshall ssssee her intentionssss firsssst, then I know is I sssshalt kill her away from thissss lodge..."

    Aerith then takes a serious look "Um... Can we talk somewhere, private?", Faire agrees as she leads him into a alley...

    "Alright... I'm from a very important "association"... Tell me everything I ask: Are you truly from another world?"

    Faire replies "Yes... I'm from a world where I was a Hero... then villain... everything changed drastically when I was pulled here..."

    Tanya sighs as he explains to the Flower girl...

    "He ssssspilled everything immediately.... I shant be sssssurprisssed though: he jussssst told me everything lasssst night... and I kidnapped him..."

    Aerith smiles as Faire finished "Ah, you're exactly as it said you were!", she then asks "What about your powers you mentioned!? Are they something you can't stop?"

    Faire replies "In my world: they reflected everything... in this one... they reverse... Make everything have the opposite effect..."

    Aerith glares "Ah...", she then looks upset as she explains:

    "Your powers are destroying our world: Gaia is a living organism... it feels pain when it's hurt and it's body immediately react using the Lifestream, it's kind of like blood cells... But, the Lifestream is pooling upwards from the center because you're here... Monsters are already infected, they're swarming in areas that normally or inhabitated by people. Soon we'll be infected too: Our bodies have a similar make up and will cause a fatal symptom to appear in us... it'll be on a global scale, and unable to be cured or managed... Everyone will die..."

    Faire looks horrified at knowing he's killing... "I... I... tried to get back home... me and my friend's been searching..."

    Aerith replies "I know... I'm here to help you get back... Do you have any idea how to?"

    Faire looks away "I... I only know that Warp could help, but... I'm not sure if it'll work normally... at very least there needs to be a weak point between worlds or a power that normally paralyzes me, my ability would make me warp... but I don't know how to get home through this..."

    Aerith smiles "Then it's a adventure! I'll help you find a way to get home! If normal spells won't work: then we'll find something that would normally incapacitate you, and send you hurtling back!", she giggles, excited to go on another quest!

    "Alright! Before we go, we should know each others names to become closer! We'll be depending on eachother until you're back home! I'm Aerith Gainsborough, what's your name!?"

    Faire almost replies "F...",when she cuts the man off "Wait! Sorry, I don't wanna exclude your friend!" she kneels to the woman besides Faire "What's your name?". She disguised her voice, sounding like a small human girl...


    Areith giggles "What a pretty name!", Tanya notices Faire looking somewhat surprised...

    "What'sssss that stupid look on hisssss face!? He never heard the name before!?"

    Aerith then looks at Faire "Alright, what's your name!?", he answers "Faire Crys...". She jumps... then asks "Are you related to someone named Zach by any chance?".

    Faire wonders... "Zach?..."

    Aerith replies as she turns around "Nothing! Let's go! We should find something to protect ourselves with, first!", Tanya explains "We were looking for that, before you came...".

    The Flowergirl cheers "Good! We're on the same page! And don't worry about money!", light engufs her arms ...it disperses to reveal Gil pouring from her!

    "The planet creates it, so I can ask for as much as we need!"

    Tanya then asks "Before we go, ...what are you? What's your specialty?"

    Aerith giggled as she turns toward the Weapons shop "I'm a healer!"

    Tanya scowled under her wig... "Dammit... I only have to worthlessssss white Magesssss... I better not get one injury, or they lied sssstraight in my face!!!"

    Aerith turns toward them "Oh, what were you going to buy!?", the woman explained "Materia... since he uses Magic too.".

    Aerith looks upset "Ah... we can't here... we'll need to head to another continent: Getting Materia straight from Gaia might be alittle much... we should try to find a small piece above ground."

    Tanya grimaced "We're sssssscrewed before we even sssstart!", Aerith turns around "Hm?".

    Tanya giggles in a human girls voice again "Nothing... I'm just upset we'll have nothing for my... friend... here to defend himself with."

    Aerith assures her "Don't worry, we'll find something fr all of us!"

    They head into the shop... Aerith looks at the weapons laying on the counter... "Ah, they haven't changed a lot... I have a weapon, so Tanya, what would you need?"

    The woman looks over everything... "I have what I need... but then again..." she stares at Organics... "I'm curious about that one...".

    Aerith giggled "Ah, I see confident yet curious!? How about you, Faire?", Faire looks at the table of weapons... "I originally shot at enemies in my world... but..."

    He stares at the Mini laser... "I don't think I can make that fire now...", he looks at the Dragonclaws... "I want this: I can't do hand to hand combat: this would help if I was cornered but... because I don't... I couldn't put force behind my hits..."

    He looks at the Hawkeye... "I could use this... I can't throw far... but at least I could train with this, so I can do what I did before.."

    Aerith smiles "Great! Until we can get you material and teach how to use magic, this should be enough!", she gives him the gil! "Now buy it, remember Tanya's sword, too!"

    Faire slowly walks to the counter... "Dammit... I'm not used to this s***... Before I only had to talk to friends... I'll probably...", he notices he was already at the counter. The owner asks "What would you like, sir?". Faire replies "The sword and... Boomerang?...".

    The owner leans closer "Huh!?", Faire spoke louder "The sword and that...". The owner goes to get them as Faire thought... "This happened all the time... before the world changed... nobody understood or tried to understand me... I can imagine how the rest of this adventure'll be...".

    After they left the store Aerith smiles "Awww, I see you're exactly like Gaia said!", Faire sighs "I assume it said something horrible...". She laughs "But don't worry, evrythingll be fne soon!".

    She then looks ahead... "I'll get directions... you two get something for breakfast! Faire looks a little pale..".

    Faire notices his stomach growling "Ah... because of Tanya... I can't relax around her, so my ability doesn't work... I feel like I could faint...", Aerith stares at Tanya... "You seem alright, though?".

    Tanya hides her leer, and her blood stained teeth... "I already ate, earlier...".

    Aerith giggles "Good! Order me and Faire something, and after we eat: we'll start traveling!"

    The team splits up... two ominous figures watch them, as they head to their destinations...

    Meanwhile, back in the inn... Tanya ordered breakfast, Aerith meets back up with them as they ate... "Thanks Tanya!", the Toneberry glares... "Your welcome, Aerith...". The girl then noticed Faire's plate... "You're eating ...A lettuce sandwich?". Faire replies "I don't eat meat... at least not a lot...". Aerith giggled "You should eat more, no telling what you'll need to do when we head out!", Tanya jumps from her chair... "I have to use it... I'll be back soon.".

    Aerith smiles "She's kinda blunt, isn't she?", Faire smiles... she then got up too, "Excuse me...". Aerith leaves to the restroom and sees Tanya putting back on her wig! The Tonberry noticed someone watching... and quickly turns!

    "I knew thou wassssst ssssspying on ussss, thou assssume thou canst take mine ssssacrifice, but thou shalt only receive my Cleaver!"

    Aerith giggles "Don't be alarmed, I knew you were a Toneberry the whole time!", Tanya stares... "Wha...".

    Aerith then explains "Gaia told me: the "inconsistency" was with a Toneberry! I think it's sweet you're helping him back home! I didn't expect you to help any human!".

    Tanya sheathes her Cleaver as she adjusts her wig... "Yessss, I want to help only those not resssponssssible for my brethern'ssss deathsss...".

    Aerith smiles wryly "Ah, I understand... then would you not kill my people either? That's human blood in your mouth, isn't it?", Tanya sighs "Fine, I ssssshalt only eat creatures.... though thy humansssss eat ussss like we're nothing...".

    Aerith turns away... "I'm sorry... I'll be careful what I find... for as long as we're together, please let us get along?". she walks out... Tanya glares "That damned *****... at leasssst ssssshe doesssn't know Faire's my ssssacrifice!".

    Later, they go outside and prepare to explore the continent with Chocobo, escorts and weapons prepared to fight against the hordes in the wilderness

    -Cloud meanwhile arrives in Kazham via Teleport... he and his new guide enter the village...-



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  1. Spinnerweb
    The drawn out sssss's make this one of the stupidest things I've ever read. And I've read Twilight.