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mario, nintendo

  1. nintendo22
    Cant wait for christmas I am getting $90 of eshop cards and super mario 3d land, harvest moon: the lost valley, and more. With the $90 i am downloading a few themes, retro city rampage dx, battle miner. Tell me games you have enjoyed from the eshop. :):)

Recent Comments

  1. CrazyElf
    You can usually get 1 game for 40 bucks around here. 90 bucks isn't so much, but hopefully you find some good games.
  2. 3dsatackman
    That is cool :) I enjoy harvest moon TTOTT and soe Virtual console games ect.
  3. spagooti
    ..Don't you know, a normal game is 30$ so 90$ isn't much
    1. nintendo22
      Blogger's Response
      Yeah im getting smaller indie game type things :)