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Cluubkk's VG Blog

I upload my days video game....stuff here VG means video game

  1. Clubkk
    I really wanted to play animal crossing today but my dog ate my hard copy so I asked my freind (name will remain anonymous until I get his permission) if he could take my 3ds home with him and system transfer his downloaded version of it to my 3ds and he told me no becouse get this ......... He was afraid that his parents would think he stole it, I mean that's a genuine concern but if you stole it why would you be putting your games onto it to get rid of it the next day. Now I'm going to have to connect both of are 3ds' to the schools wifi and make them start downloading put them in my locker and then just hope that they get wifi in there. Then I would have to check on it after almost every class to make my 3ds put stuff onto his to make sure I keep up my end of the bargain. OH well what am I too do. Check back in later for more VG blog updates

Recent Comments

  1. Gecko
    I think this is the best blog I've read on the internet! Not many people I've met can say "my dog ate my video game". Also, is your dog some kind of eating machine? Because I don't know many dogs that will eat a game AND the case. But good blog anyway :)
  2. Artisan
    Ouch. Maybe the game might still work if you can get it out of his scat. As long as there are no bite marks on it.
    1. Clubkk
      Blogger's Response
      nope theres bite marks he chewed it up into little bits
  3. OopaMazo
    Was your copy of Animal crossing lying around out of its case? I'm guessing it was since your dog had at it. xD
    1. Clubkk
      Blogger's Response
      Well my dog ate the case so I had to throw that away then he saw my game on my bed and ate it