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Destiny JENOVA IV-2: Reverse Crisis (Chapter 12: A Brother's Love--Episode Yazoo)

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  1. Kadaj
    Chapter 12: A Brother's Love--Episode Yazoo

    (This section will focus on Sephiroth as the speaker) After hours of flying about, YUROVA and myself finally found where Father was, and landed to aid him. I was the first to land, and YUROVA landed beside me. I got down to help, and turned him over to see if he was breathing "He's still alive, but he's in bad shape... Whatever happened up there, something hit him really hard. Father is smoking all over..." YUROVA got down next to me and used her abilities to examine him "It's just as I feared after getting the news from JENOVA... he took a direct hit from the cell vortex when it exploded and sealed back up. Little else in this kingdom is strong enough to give JENBU such a beating." I asked "Are we too late? Do we still have enough time to save his life?" YUROVA nodded "He should be alright, but he will need a lot of recovery time... I don't think he'll be in shape to fight for quite some time. Even if he wakes soon, simply walking will be a challenge him in this state. And with his wings broken, he can't fly. I can make a call to the JENOVA Foundation emergency line, but even the advanced technology there won't help him repair his wings... only true love has the power to fix wings." I added "And without his wings, he can't fully recover... especially with that wing type of his. The wings that Mother and Father have are extremely rare, and likewise, hold power beyond words. My wing is standard JENOVA wing that works differently than theirs. The wings Mother has have a variety of powers. They can act as both defense and offense with their shapeshifting features. My black wing is strong, but only designed for hyper acceleration during flight. Without his wings, he is almost defenseless. More than likely, he tried to block the blast released by the cell vortex with his wings' powers and lacked sufficient time to escape. But the vortex's JENOVA cell concentration is so great, even a progenitor's wings aren't strong enough to contain the blast when it locks up. It may be the only thing in existence above Mother's power..." YUROVA replied "Then how are we gonna destroy it? None of us are stronger than her! If it can even destroy JENOVA, we're doomed!" I stood up, helping YUROVA to her feet "Calm down. If we panic, that will just make it worse. Call Hojo, and ask him to send an emergency team to help Father. Send him the exact coordinates of this location." YUROVA nodded, and obeyed. I turned away, and glanced at the sky "Mother, I'm worried for your kingdom... if you can't destroy it, who do I call on..? If you're no match, neither am I..." I felt tears fall from my face "That Shinra mess last year, the pain Rufus put me through that time... what have I done..?"

    Meanwhile, atop Mako Reactor...

    (This section will focus on Cloud as the speaker) When I arrived at JENOVA's throne, I felt my body tense up, and making eye contact with her felt impossible. Sounding surprised, she asked "Spike, whatever is the matter, my son?" I protested "I'm... I'm not your son, it's me--Cloud. I went and helped Hojo test that new thing of his, and it worked, but then something went wrong, and this girl had these wrong eyes, and everyone there was sleeping or something, and then I went to find my friends, but then something went wrong and--" JENOVA lifted my face to look at hers, and she hushed me "Calm down, I already know what happened. But the more you panic, the longer it will be before you return to your human state." I felt confused "What? What are you talking about..?" Letting go of me, she sat down in her throne and began to explain "Do you remember what happened before you rescued Kadaj on the lower levels of this place?" I tried to think, but I couldn't remember a thing and grumbled. JENOVA seemed to read me and continued "Figures... I'm not very surprised the transformation suppressed that memory. Before you woke up here to help Kadaj, I confronted you. During that confrontation, out of my personal sense of seeing something within you, I latched onto your body, and planted a special device in your body in the process. Of course, you went unconscious due to being overwhelmed with physical pain and excess bleeding during that encounter. The device I planted in you is a special reactor containing a varied version of Geostigma, and emotional distress triggers that reactor. Panic and fear are especially strong triggers of this stigma. The very existence of this affliction was kept a secret between myself and Sephiroth, as we hoped it to be a last resort during the wars in Shinra that threatened our kind. Had we unleashed this among Shinra in a careless fashion, it would do significantly greater damage to my legacy due to the fast attention it would draw toward us. So instead, we chose to use type1 Geostigma rather than what you've been given, type 2 Geostigma. Even Shinra authorities had no knowledge of the type 2 stigma. Sephiroth and myself were the only ones at the time who knew of its existence." I asked "How do I go back to normal?" JENOVA giggled "That's easy to answer. You feel that choker you're wearing? There's a timer programmed into it. When it ticks down completely, you'll be your human self again. But if you get too scared, that timer will increase and elongate the countdown until you revert. If you don't desire this form, the only way out is to stay calm and let that timer expire." I touched my choker "So that's what this is... I tried to take it off, but I got electrocuted..." JENOVA suddenly grew angry "Don't take it off! If it's removed before your timer runs out, that choker will explode and destroy you and anything around you!" I stumbled backwards, startled by her sudden anger. Feeling nervous from her display, I said "Y-yes, Mother..." JENOVA calmed down and added "I wouldn't advise putting any pressure on it, either. You will receive strong electric shock if you tug or pull at it. It does that in order to prevent anyone from taking it off. It's a type of protective response, whether you agree or not." I asked another question "But why do I even have this on? Just for that timer?" JENOVA shook her head "No, it has another a more important purpose... very few of my children have one though due to loyalty that is often prefilled out at birth. The only class of cetra that usually have a choker much like yours is the WEAPON cetra. Due to their overwhelming powers that are great enough to obliterate almost anything, having them born with these is crucial. If they are permitted to roam free without a wielder, disaster is certain to plague the entire kingdom due to their boundless hostility. In other words, the choker you're wearing is supposed to link you to another cetra of your choice, who will act as your wielder." I begged another question "So I'm supposed to be a weapon? Is that what this is for?" She nodded and continued "And unlike normal commands given from one person to the next, a wielder's orders are absolute. Resistance is impossible. That's the most notable power instilled in that choker. This is to keep the WEAPON class under strict control and prevent them from wreaking havoc. It was the only choice me and the workers at my foundation had to contain the WEAPON class cetra. They are too formidable to control by ordinary means. So, these chokers were invented. Even though you aren't hostile, your being given a choker is not without reason. However, telling you why here and now would be pointless. You will only understand in time and patience." I felt confused again "Why do I have this when I'm not supposed to look like this or have any crazy powers in the first place?" She sighed and paused, then said "I can't tell you... it's too far off for you to understand. Just continue your travels across my kingdom and help my children for now. You are not strong enough to challenge the vortex mission." I nodded, and bolted my black wing and took off. I decided to head for the Forgotten City in hopes of meeting Kadaj's gang. I flew the entire way in silence. When I was above my destination, I began descending to land. However, I felt myself grow weak, and heard a noise that seemed to come from my choker; I realized the timer on it expired "Ahh, shoot..!" I fell the rest of the way, landing hard and got stuck in a tree. I groaned in pain, and my sword fell to the ground. I worked my way out of the tree, and got back on the ground to pick up my sword "What a way to go... lovely timing." I turned to the path ahead, and realized Kadaj and Loz were laughing at me. I shook my head and approached them, Yazoo also with them as usual. Yazoo sarcastically asked "Well, well, Brother... are you enjoying flying class? You did surprisingly well." I felt angry and replied "That wasn't supposed to happen. I didn't exactly plan to change shape, so you can stop your stupid remarks." Kadaj settled down, and so did Loz. Kadaj asked "Hey, Brother... you're just playing along, right? We know you can't shapeshift." I kept my expression firm and gazed at Kadaj in silence. Loz seemed shocked "Whoa, wait... you're for real? How did you do it?! I wanna do it too!" I sighed "I didn't try to do it... it was an accident. And I'd rather avoid giving you guys the answer you want." Yazoo suddenly grabbed my neck and gripped it tightly, quickly getting serious "You will either tell us how it happened, or I'll kill you right here." I couldn't breathe; he was already choking me with his hand. I struggled to make out my words "I got too scared...! And then it happened..! Let me go..!" He released me, and I bent down, gasping for air. Kadaj took my hand and helped me up "Oh, cut it out. Loz would've made that much worse for you if he did it. But that aside, Mother really did give you a present... and I'd like to see it for myself. I won't take it from you, though. I just wanna see it trigger." Yazoo agreed "He said the transformation occurred in response to intense fear... sounds like some kind of special reactor was planted inside of him. Especially if he went back to normal. Normally, purification is permanent: irreversible. But if he can return to normal, something different is the case here. But if extreme stress is the trigger, we need someone who can give him a battle hard enough to put him in the desired state. The three of us won't be enough... we need someone else. Only a new enemy will be able to put him in a bad spot for this." I heard a young boy's laughter close by, and a large white hole opened above us. A familiar child emerged from it and I was surprised "Seffi?! What are you doing here?" The hole closed behind him, and he landed between us. I glanced at his neck, remembering JENOVA's explanation, and saw a choker with a loose short chain. Kadaj smiled "Little Brother, perfect timing. How about you fight that man standing before us?" I cried "What?! Are you insane? No way I can beat him!" Yazoo replied "That's the idea, Brother. Although we don't want you to die, you still need a serious battle in order for us to witness this gift from Mother in action. Little Brother here is perfect for the job. But more than that, he is lacking a wielder. You do see that, no? If he likes you enough, just imagine the power you would have at your side. But be warned that using his power for evil will mean immediate execution for you, and him having a replacement wielder who is trusted to use him properly." Seffi bolted two silver wings that were copies of JENOVA's and grew firm "Fight me! I need to see what everyone in this world has got until I find a friend!" He was angry now, and his left eye turned a deep crimson red. Loz complained "Hey, no fair! I wanted to play this one!" Yazoo protested "Stop it, Loz. This isn't a game. He needs a serious battle in order to feel threatened enough. He's too familiar with us and you know it." Loz grumbled but didn't argue. I drew my sword, preparing to fight Seffi. A black and red aura enveloped him, vibrating as if intensely concentrated, and a halo appeared above his head. His right was green and gave a strong, piercing gaze "I'm the firstborn WEAPON class, the Reunion Prince. I hope you know how to fight like a warrior, because I'm nearly immortal. If you can't stand up to a big threat like a big boy, then you're worthless." Loz was curious "The Reunion Prince? I thought he was only in old family legends..." Yazoo sighed "And we thought the cell vortex was also mere myth. What a coincidence." Loz groaned "Would you stop it?!!" Kadaj stopped him from lashing out at Yazoo "Brothers, please! Just get along! This isn't the time to fight each other." Yazoo continued "Normally I'd think a smart girl like Tifa would want a smarter guy than that... but oh well, I guess." Loz cried "Hey!" Then he started crying and took off somewhere. Kadaj got angry "Brother! What's wrong with you?!" Yazoo seemed to feel guilty and began "Little Sister, I--" Kadaj interrupted him "You went too far that time! Loz, wait..!" She ran off then too, going after Loz. Seffi settled down as if feeling concerned about what was going on and grew sad "Big Brother..?" Then he followed Kadaj without another word. I sighed; life in Kadaj's gang must be harder than I thought. I turned back to Yazoo, who looked very sad in the eyes. He tried to hide his feelings, keeping his face straight, but his eyes showed deep hurt. I approached him "Are you ok?" Yazoo began "I... Kadaj..." He sounded like he was going to cry. I suddenly realized he loved Kadaj. I had never seen Yazoo feel down like this; not once. He turned away and sat down in the black water without speaking. I shook my head "Well, so much for the big battle idea... but forget that." I began to approach Yazoo, but stopped just inches from the black water. Yazoo's words echoed in my mind "If you touch the black water, it will kill you, so I suggest you stay out of the water." I felt bad then. I wanted to help him, but couldn't even touch the water. He seemed to notice I was close by without turning around "What do you want? If you try to kill me, I swear you're dead meat." I sighed in exasperation "Oh, come on, Yazoo. Do you really think I'm going to try killing you after traveling together the way we did?" Yazoo scoffed "Hmph... how should I know? How do I know you weren't waiting for us to separate so you could kill all three of us all over again? Isn't that your stupid purpose?" I felt bad, but continued talking to him "Ahh, Yazoo... Look, I know you're very heartbroken right now, but she'll come back... I lost someone I cared about before too, no... a lot of people I loved. I never recovered, and never got them back... but she's ok." Yazoo continued "What do you know about love? All you ever did was kill all of us and break Mother's heart! You're loveless!" I realized I couldn't reason with him, and decided to get firm "Is that what you really think? You think I'm still the same person I was all those years ago at Meteor Monument? I'm the same person who plans to kill you right here, is that what you still believe?" He lifted his fist, and his arm tensed up. He looked ready to hit me, but he lowered his arm before long "Fine... but don't expect me to like you just because you're different. I just want her to come back and smile at me... just like when I rescued her from this place when we were growing up. She was the sweetest Sister I could've wished for... and that part of her has been slowly growing back since your more peaceful approach began. I thought she might be able to smile for me like that again, but then I... I know I got carried away, but when she gets mad at me like that for anything, it hurts. Kadaj getting angry at me hurts more than anything, and even my JENOVA cells flare up and I physically ache inside my body...! I can't take it... I can't handle this kind of pain..!" Then he was crying more loudly, and I pulled him out of the black water, and sat on the ground with him. He sat in my lap and leaned on me, crying over my shoulder. I put my arms around him "What have I... done..? Yazoo, I'm so sorry..." Yazoo weeped "That's it? That's the first time you've apologized for anything! Stupid..! Stupid, stupid Brother!" I sighed "I know you won't forgive me, but please just let me help... at least." I heard a strange noise somewhere close by, and saw JENOVA appear to us. I had a feeling she appeared in response to Yazoo's anguish. She seemed concerned, focused on Yazoo "My son... are you ok?" He got off me and looked at her "Mother..." To my surprise, he ran right to her, hugging her. She put her arms around him, and her metal wings glowed "Don't be sad, my son..." Streams of bright white came from her wings and entered Yazoo. He said "Mother, thank you..." I realized he wasn't crying anymore, and he let go of her "But... will she come back..?" JENOVA smiled "Of course she will. You know she won't stay mad at you for long. However, the aches your feelings and memories put on your JENOVA cells are what hurt you so much... I can't blame you for the heavy sorrow you just felt... I don't think she'll hate you for this, but she might still be pretty angry. You'll be ok, alright?" He nodded, and then JENOVA flew up and vanished, her wings returning to normal. Yazoo turned back to me, still looking worried, and I asked "Will you be alright?" He moaned "I think so, thanks to Mother... if she hadn't come, I don't know how I would've acted. But, you... you actually cared enough to ask me what was wrong. I see why you bothered saving Little Sister that time..." I stood up "Look, I know Shinra did a lot of bad experiments and terrible things, but that doesn't mean I do too. Even if I was created by them. Just because they made something doesn't mean that it will give them what they want. Look at Sephiroth: he rebelled completely out of hatred for them." Yazoo sighed "Ok, you're right. But now what are we gonna do? Loz probably got to Tifa's by now and is bawling in her lap about not being good enough for her... if she sees me, she'll definitely wanna fight... I can't just attack my own Sister like that." I paused, then replied "Well, if she's still who I think she is, I don't think that's likely. She might get a little firm or try to knock sense into you, but I don't think she'll use force if you're friendly." Yazoo sighed "I hope you're right, because I don't have any close combat attacks. I can't hit my enemy without enough distance." I held my hand out to him "Come on, let's go. If she does get mad, just take the lumps and keep going. I don't think she'll fight you seriously, at the very least." Yazoo nodded "Yeah, I think you're right. But do you know the way there?" I nodded "I think so... this world is like a reverse world of Shinra. At least, it seems like that... but I should know the way." He took my hand and said "Just... don't kill me, ok?" I managed a smile, and he smiled back. We started walking together, focused on catching up to Loz and Kadaj. I have to destroy the cell vortex, but more than that... Kadaj, Yazoo, Loz--I swear I'm gonna help you guys, I thought.

    To be Continued...