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Destiny JENOVA IV-2: Reverse Crisis (Chapter 13: Raging Anger& Love)

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  1. Kadaj
    Chapter 13: Raging Anger& Love

    (This section will focus on Cloud as the speaker) After a long trek by foot, we arrived at the JENOVA Church behind Tifa's. As we guessed before we left, Loz was already here and Tifa was trying to comfort him. Yazoo sighed as if annoyed, but remained silent. She looked almost the same as I remember, but her hair was silver instead of black, and she revealed green eyes when she looked our way. She appeared slightly angry when she saw us, and let go of Loz to stand up "You... you're the one who made him cry, aren't you?" Yazoo replied "Look, I'm sorry. I know I went too far. I didn't mean to..." She interrupted him "You know how sensitive he is. And you still said he's too stupid for me to like? That's awfully cold coming from his own Brother." We both remained silent. Tifa went on "I really hate to say this, Yazoo... but anyone who makes Loz cry has to deal with me the hard way." I sighed "So even she has hardened on the inside... I guess we have no choice." Yazoo added "Tifa is close combat cetra... I don't have any close range attacks other than blocking with my gun. I don't think I'm suited for a fight like that without backup... when Kadaj and Loz fight by my side, we can deal with nearly any kind of enemy. But on my own, I'm lacking in close quarters combat." I shook my head "Then I'll have to fight this one. I really don't want to fight her, but I have to help you where you're weak until your gang joins back up." Tifa disagreed "Not allowed. The person who hurt Loz has to take the battle--not someone else in their place." Yazoo sighed "As I figured... I'll just have to do whatever I can and not die." I lowered my sword. Yazoo pulled his gun out fired several shots at Tifa. To my amazement, she moved out of the way so quickly, she seemed to teleport, and was on the other side of the area now. I cried "No way! She's really fast!" I gazed at Loz, who stopped crying, and also looking Tifa's way. She laughed "You'll need better reflexes than that to hit me." She went in on him, throwing a hard punch, but Yazoo managed to block her with his weapon. However, his feet slid a little bit, indicating her strength was too much. He jumped back, and fired at her some more, but her speed let her dodge every bullet. Yazoo seemed to feel threatened "Curse it all! She's too fast..!" He fired at her some more, but missed; Tifa seemed to disappear for a second, then reappeared directly behind him. Yazoo noticed her without looking "Ah--!" She punched him from behind, knocking him to the ground. I couldn't believe what I was seeing "Unbelievable... such power! If she hits him like that again, he's done for!" Yazoo tried to get back up, but fell down before he got far. He coughed, and spat out some blood. I turned to Loz, who was still sitting, watching what was happening in silence "Loz, do something!" Loz quickly noticed me "What?" I turned firm "You have to get in her way! If she punches him again, he won't be able fight!" Loz looked troubled and didn't respond. I tried to encourage him "You're the only one here that she will listen to. Do you want her to beat your own Brother to oblivion?" Loz remained silent, but stood up. Yazoo managed to get up, and Tifa got behind him and grabbed him by the neck, lifting him up. Yazoo protested "Stop! This is getting out of hand..!" He lifted his gun and shot her. Off guard, Tifa winced and fell down, releasing Yazoo. Yazoo got down, and pointed his weapon directly on her head, ready to finish her "I don't wanna do this, but if you're going to get serious... then so will I." Loz shouted "No! Don't do it!" Loz ran between them, and Yazoo moved out of the way. Both of them seemed surprised. Loz said "Stop fighting, please! Just stop!" Tifa kept her gaze on him "Loz..." Yazoo sighed and shook his head "Brother... You're right. This is stupid. I went too far, and then both me and Sister went too far. Loz, I'm sorry... I didn't mean to do that to you." Loz smiled at him "It's alright... You know she wouldn't throw me away like that, right Yazoo?" Tifa seemed to feel bad, and managed to get up "Loz, I'm sorry... that was wrong of me. I shouldn't have dragged Yazoo into meaningless fight like that. But I got angry at him for teasing you too much." Loz turned around to her "I know, but you were just trying to stick up for me. I uh... I still like you, ok?" She smiled at him, and they gave each other a hug. I decided to approach everyone myself "Everyone alright now?" Yazoo replied "We're fine, but where's Kadaj? I thought she went after Loz when she left." I suggested "Maybe she got lost?" Suddenly, a tremor welled up, but it stopped rather quickly. Tifa seemed concerned "Um... what was that?" I remembered the cell vortex and looked at the sky above "Oh no... don't tell me it's opening already!" But there was no sign of it reopening when I looked up. I heard a loud explosion from somewhere, and I began to panic "That explosion... Yazoo, you dont think Seffi went berserk again, do you?' Yazoo seemed to agree " He's the only thing strong enough to make a noise that loud from that kind of distance. We have to catch him! Kadaj might be in trouble! " Tifa agreed "I'm coming with you. I can't just stay here and watch when something dangerous is running amok." I nodded, and all of us ran together, hurrying to the place where the loud noise came from. Tifa asked "I'm really sorry guys! I didn't know something bad was set loose!" Yazoo replied "It's not your fault, Tifa. We didn't know the young WEAPON would get hostile either. Those types are near impossible to predict with their behavior if not contained. And their power is horrendous. There's no time for regrets! We have to catch up and stop him before he kills anyone in city!" I felt my heart beginning to race, and panic stir up inside myself "If I'd just taken the kid with us, maybe we wouldn't have had to do this!" Loz grumbled "Just shut up and focus on finding him! Stop worrying about the past!" Tifa asked "Yazoo, what do you mean young WEAPON? Isn't he the same species as us?" Yazoo said "Worry about that later! There's no time to explain now!"

    To be Continued...