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Destiny JENOVA IV: Revolution (Chapter 16: Family Ordeal)

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  1. Kadaj
    Chapter 16: Family Ordeal

    (This section will focus on Suufi as the speaker) I successfully shut down the enemy security, but Cloud looked like he was in rough shape even though he was trying to act tough so I wouldn't cry. We were exploring the first floor to see what we could find, and Cloud was leading the way. I asked "Do you know where we might find answers about getting my strength back?" He shrugged "I don't know, but if they hid the research about JENOVA Project somewhere in this building, that might have some answers. They did a lot of sneaky things during that time... and a lot of them made Sephiroth furious. He lashed out and attacked us all... even killed my family and burned my hometown. I lost everything that day... it was the worst day of my life." I was confused "He what..? But, Big Brother is like a big boss in the family... he never hurt any of us! All he wanted was to help Mother, help her rebuild her family and fix everything. He couldn't do it himself, but a trio of remnants changed everything after a long and gruelling war... and peace came to the Planet. Until Shinra somehow came back and started killing and attacking us... they're ruining everything." Cloud stopped and turned around. He gave me another strange look. I felt tears falling from my face again, looking back at him. Cloud said "So Kadaj, Yazoo and Loz helped JENOVA take over the Planet... and there was peace until now? Are you telling me the truth? How do I know you aren't making this up?" I lashed out at him again "You idiot! How many times do I have to retell the same story before you get it in your head?! Look around you! What do you see?!!" I punched his face, and to my surprise he fell back. However, he didn't try to get back up; just stared straight up without speaking. I didn't move from my fighting stance either. Cloud wondered "What is going on..? Where was I when everything changed..?" He got back to his feet and shook his head "What in the world is happening..? And where have I been all this time?" I was shocked "You don't remember anything?" He shook his head "No... the last thing I remember is..." He paused to think "That's right... I was in the Forgotten City with Kadaj. She was trying to tell me something important, and then we went to the Mako Reactor, and I saw this blinding red light sometime later..." I asked "What happened after that?" Cloud sighed "I'm afraid that's where the story ends, kid... I can't remember anything after that. Was I... dead?" Cloud's expression went from thoughtful to firm "But there's no time to remember any of that. I said I would help you, and that comes first for now. Let's go after Rufus and get your strength and katana returned to you. Hopefully he really is out of reinforcements... or we might be in trouble." I heard a man shout from somewhere "Stop where you are, Cloud. You're not going to have it so easy this time!" Cloud cried "Sephiroth?!" I saw Sephiroth emerge, breaking through a wall on the other side and flying hastily in front of us, making a heavy landing. He appeared to be very angry. I was also surprised and smiled "Big Brother! You came to help me!" Sephiroth nodded "Of course I did. It's only right as part of Mother's family, and as JENOVA SOLDIER 1st Class. I'm expected to this sort of thing." Cloud complained "I was hoping to avoid this..." I was confused "Cloud, what's wrong?" Sephiroth interrupted "Suufi! Don't be fooled by this traitor! This man is the monster who plunged Mother's legacy into oblivion many years ago--not once, but twice!" I couldn't believe what i just heard "What?!!" Cloud protested "Kid, please! I just misunderstood! I didn't know it then but i do now!" Sephiroth reacted angrily "Enough from you! Little Brother, join me and share the satisfaction of defeating JENOVA Legacy's worst enemy!" I didn't know what was going on now "Big Brother, I can't... Shinra captured me and stole my katana, and drained my strength... I'm no match for him like this!" Sephiroth cried "What?!! Even more so why I should kill him where he stands! Say no more, Little Brother." Sephiroth pulled his masamume and got into his usual fighting stance. But for some reason, Cloud wouldn't even draw his sword; he just stood where he was, shaking with fear. Cloud clenched his fists and panicked "Sephiroth, please! I know why you don't believe me... but I'm serious! I had it all wrong from the beginning! I'm the reason your 'brother' even got out of the underground prison! Would you please listen just this once?" Sephiroth grumbled under his breath but didn't move. I wanted to tell Big Brother he was telling the truth, but I didn't want him to think I was just siding with Cloud. Sephiroth shouted "Not another word, Cloud! I'm well over through with your nonsense, and that's final! Maybe you won last time, but this time you're no match." Sephiroth bolted his wing and cried "Mother, I beseech your divine radiance, the aid of your lifestream!" Sephiroth flew above the ground in place, and neon green light began to envelope him; the ground started shaking, and I felt an energy signal so powerful, my JENOVA cells felt like they were beginning to reactivate. Cloud worried "This is bad..! Suufi, get outta here! He's going to unleash the power of the lifestream!" I couldn't believe what he said "What?!! But what about you?! One hit and you'll die!" Cloud sighed "Just go... go and survive. If I die, I die trying to change for the better." I saw Mother's lifestream beginning to manifest around Sephiroth, gathering power at a horrific speed. I couldn't leave if I wanted to; instead, I ran directly in front of Sephiroth, expecting to take the hit instead "Big Brother, don't do it! Please!" Sephiroth took notice of me and replied "Suufi! What are you doing?! Move so I don't hurt you!" Mother's lifestream grew stronger "No, Big Brother, don't kill him! He... he was telling the truth!" Sephiroth sighed "Hmph... very well, Brother." He ceased control of Mother's lifestream, and the light began to vanish, returning to where it came from; the ground stopped shaking. Sephiroth lowered his katana and landed. He gazed angrily at Cloud "Fine, I'll let you go... for now. Don't expect me to trust you, though. I am only letting you live because you saved my Brother from Shinra's clutches. Make one wrong move, and its all over, Cloud. This is the only warning I will give you." Sephiroth turned around and left the building without another word, and without turning back. Cloud sighed in relief "That was too close... A direct hit from JENOVA's lifestream can destroy anything with one blast!" I turned to Cloud and saw how scared and overwhelmed he really was; he was even shaking. I rested my hands on his arms as best I could reach "Are you ok? If I wasn't here, he definitely would have killed you." Cloud replied "I'll be fine, but that was a close call. I don't think I'll be able to avoid that next time, though..." I asked "What happened between you and Brother? I've never seen him so angry!" Cloud answered "Its a very long story, and a painful one... but I think you should hear it so you understand." I listened to Cloud tell me everything about Shinra, JENOVA Project, and the events that preceded the first Shinra-JENOVA War. When he finished, I finally understood everything "So that's why he hates you so much... You fought him twice, and he lost both times... poor Sephiroth..." I felt myself crying again. Cloud was angry "Hey, what about me? What about my losses? You don't care, is that it?" I was scared, sat on the ground and scooted away "Stop it... don't do that!" Cloud seemed to flinch for no apparent reason, and winced in pain "Oww! What in the..." He apologized "I'm sorry, kid... none of those things were your fault, and I shouldn't get mad at you for them... even if you do only care about Sephiroth. Let's finish this stupid mission already before Sephiroth can blow me to smithereens ..." Cloud walked past me, and I watched him walk away. I got to my feet and caught up to him. He didn't turn around to look at me after that, but I knew he was really angry. I realized getting Cloud and Big Brother Sephiroth to cooperate would be a very difficult task. I wasn't even sure it would happen; they were like archenemies! There was no way they'd willingly work together anytime soon. Was stopping Sephiroth from killing Cloud really the right thing to do, or should I have let him die so Big Brother wouldn't have any trouble from him? I suddenly felt scared of Cloud after seeing Big Brother act so hostile around him. Is working with him really a bad idea?

    To be Continued...