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Destiny JENOVA IV: Revolution (Chapter 17: A Loveless Heart& Yazoo's Fury

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  1. Kadaj
    Chapter 17: Loveless Heart& Yazoo's Fury

    (This section will focus on Cloud as the speaker) I was still trying to help Suufi get his power and sword back. We had explored several floors, only to come to countless dead ends with no clues or hints as to where Rufus and company were hiding. For some reason, the top level of the building was still inaccessible and we had no choice but to find another way to get there. The place also lacked stairs which made the work even harder. We stopped in a room filled with bookshelves that were loaded with books, and had a single computer in it as well. I sat down in an empty corner and placed my hand on my forehead. Suufi followed me, concerned "What's wrong, Cloud?" I replied "I'm very tired. Why didn't the lock on the top levels break when you hacked in?" He shrugged "I'm afraid I don't understand, either... Maybe the security there is tied to a different system. I wouldn't be surprised." I looked at him and asked "And how are so intelligent when you aren't even looking ten years old yet? I've never seen anyone born so smart that early." Suufi smiled "Ahh, it runs in the family. Nearly all of us are naturally born with high intelligence and great combat ability, plus exceptional computation which lets us do all sorts of cool things." I kept silent. He made it sound like JENOVA's family was some kind of android alien race with crazy IQ and power. But, I never saw anything like his IQ in Sephiroth. Sephiroth didn't have a left eye that would turn red like JENOVA's and use it to scan and identify things or people; Suufi did have that. At least he was of some help, though. I broke the silence "Can you tap into the security of the master control room from that computer, Suufi?" He replied "I'll try, but if Rufus shut down the main computer systems so we can't breach said security, it's no good." I watched him approach the computer and he started working. He activated his red eye again and seemed to try scanning whatever he was looking at. He grumbled "Gah..! He blocked us! I can't do anything!" He stepped away and shook his head. I was really tired; I didn't want to go searching for whatever special system was not blocked in this building. I asked "Now what? We can't sleep here unless we wanna get caught." Suufi was frustrated "We'll have to try another computer, you idiot! You got any other ideas?" I was losing patience with his arrogance. He always acted like this. At least around me, that is. Somehow, I didn't think he would be so difficult for Sephiroth and the rest of JENOVA's kind. I complained "Would you just calm down for once? Giving me a hard time isn't going to make this any easier." Suufi turned away "Hmph! I want my Dad." As cooperative as ever, I thought. It was obvious he still didn't trust me. Why was I still trying? I stood up "Look, I know you don't like me. I get it. But without my help, you can't get your strength back. Let's keep moving and find another computer before Rufus gathers backup." He grumbled "Fine... but after that, you're giving me back to Brother Loz or my Big Brother. Got it? I hope so, because I'm only telling you once. If you forget, then you pay the price for it." He walked away without looking back. I followed "What a drag... ever since Sephiroth attacked, he's been so arrogant... Did Sephiroth's feelings blend with his and cause him to be this difficult?" I shook my head, and caught up to him in silence. We continued our search without talking to each other. The place was so quiet, it was almost worrying. Had I really cleaned out the company's reinforcements, or were they outside trying to destroy JENOVA Kingdom, once known as the Planet? Suufi seemed to lock his attention on something "There! That one is bigger and looks different!" I followed his gaze, and saw a larger computer system by itself in a room ahead of us. Suufi ran for it, and I started to follow. But something hit me from behind: I was struck by a gunshot that came out of nowhere. I fell to the ground, caught off guard "What the..?!" I heard a familiar voice say "Well, look who's back. It's been a long time, brother." I cried "Yazoo?!" I got back up, and saw Yazoo holding his gun and laughing under his breath "Did you like that, or do you need more?" I ignored his words "I'm not here to cause trouble. I'm only trying to help Suufi." Yazoo replied "Ahh, yes... about that, our Big Brother told me that was supposedly the truth, but as you know he doesn't trust you one bit. And I don't, either. No good child to Mother would trust a rat like you. So, he sent me here to make sure you truly do as you said. If you don't, then you're just gonna die and I will help Little Brother instead." My expression grew hard but I didn't speak. Yazoo continued "So, the choice is on you, brother. Protect Little Brother Suufi... or pay the price for failure. I don't care what it comes to, though, as long as my Brother is unharmed. With all due respect, brother..." He smiled and pointed his gun at me "I'd be honored to kill you where you stand. However, given orders don't grant me that permission, I'm afraid. But I won't hesitate to kill you if I must." He lowered his gun and drew closer to me, stopping at my side. His expression went blank again, and he kept his eyes on Suufi who was working in the room ahead. After a long silence, Yazoo said "So he really is in good health... I'm surprised. But that's all that matters here. As long is he isn't hurt any further, that's what I care about." Yazoo stepped a short way ahead of me, and mumbled "This reminds me of growing up with my Sister... I even had to die to protect her." He turned back to me, seeming angry "All because of one certain somebody who just had to get in the way instead of minding his own business. Isn't that right, brother?" I staggered back, feeling a sudden rush of fear. I even dropped my sword. I expected him to attack, but he didn't; he simply turned the other way. He continued "You killed me and Loz... and left my Sister to fend for herself, living in endless pain and anguish from our deaths. She hadn't even bloomed yet, and you just had to put her through all of that sorrow for your sick little satisfaction... fondly believing yourself to be a so-called 'hero'. Tell me, brother... is that what a hero does? Kill someone's family and leave her all by herself, robbed of everything but the power she already had?" I felt tears fall from my face and tried to force them away, but it was useless. Yazoo angrily turned back to me "If that's why you call yourself a hero, then you are a fool. You stole everything from an innocent girl just to 'save' yourself. Do you have any idea what you put her through?" I protested "I'm sorry, it was an accident..! I thought she was the same guy I fought two years before that, and--" Yazoo interrupted me "You liar! Not another word, brother. If you wanna earn our trust, let alone Mother's trust--put others needs before your own. Do something to show you're sorry, if you actually are of course. Don't worry about the span of time; she'll know you when she sees you. She is a little different in appearance and her overall abilities now, but she never forgot the man she hated most. The man who ruined her life and stole everything from her... oh yes, Brother: she will know you. I'll bet she will try to kill you too, so you'd better have plans about confrontation. She is also the new Queen of this Planet, known as JENOVA Kingdom. I doubt you are any match for her now." I was confused "What are you talking about?" Yazoo's expression went blank again "I'm telling you that the only way you can earn any of our trust is by making up your endless list of rotten deeds. If you ask me, the best place to start is with Queen SEPHIROVA. She's the one you hurt when you killed me and Loz, and she was little more than larva, still underdeveloped and lacking sufficient power to defeat you herself." Yazoo paced ahead some more, without looking back. He shrugged "Who knows, brother? You may be lucky and she will find you before you find her. Given her vast intelligence and radar systems, I doubt she would miss you." I sighed "Ohh great, a second JENOVA... I can't wait..." Yazoo laughed "Well that sounds promising. You can't wait to get caught by her and die? You'll save me an important mission that way. Thank you, brother--" I interrupted "I was being sarcastic! I don't care about meeting her!" Yazoo turned back to me "Well let me remind you of everything I just said: if none of us trust you, you can't do anything in this world. And if you're not willing or capable of contributing to kingdom prosperity, then all we have to do is kill you. What would you rather have?" I reluctantly said "Fine. I'll help you with your stupid plan and legacy. Just leave me alone after this is over." Suufi rushed to us and happily cried "I did it! We can go to the top and get my powers back!" I sighed "Good. Let's finish this before any more of JENOVA's pawns can come here and give me a hard time." Yazoo shot me from behind "I won't have you talking about Mother's family that way. Any further remarks, and it's one bullet each." I didn't even bother to respond. There was no getting through any of them; they'd never believe I was trying to do honest work. They made that clear enough. I didn't care about anything but finishing the job at hand so I could walk away from them and hopefully go my own way without anymore trouble. Somehow, I didn't think that would happen for a very long time.

    To be Continued...