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Destiny JENOVA IV: Revolution (Chapter 18: The Curse of Reunion Day)

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  1. Kadaj
    Chapter 18: The Curse of Reunion Day

    (This section will focus on Cloud as the speaker) We finally got to the top floor of Shinra Headquarters, after what was probably days of searching. I was very tired. I didn't want to fight whoever was waiting there, but there was no choice unless I wanted Yazoo to shoot me again for not doing what he wants me to. We arrived, and all of us stepped out of the elevator. I had my sword art, preparing to attack, and Yazoo had his gun pointed, searching the other side of the master control room that much of this level seemed to be. However, we both lowered our weapons before long; nobody was here. Suufi rushed to Yazoo "Curses! Were we too late?" Yazoo replied "I'm afraid so. Wherever they are, I'm certain they escaped to avoid a battle they can't win. But that doesn't mean you cant get your power back, Little Brother." I sighed "Wonderful... we did all of that work just to find out our target escaped ahead of time. But that doesn't explain why Rufus locked us out of here..." Yazoo agreed "Excellent point, brother. They wouldn't seal off this room for nothing, unless something happened while we were busy that drove them off." Suufi asked "But what could have happened here? I don't see a sign of a struggle..." Yazoo seemed to notice something and hurried to the other side of the room "Mother..!" Suufi followed him. Yazoo kneeled down, picking up a box that glowed a strong green that seemed to come from inside. Yazoo wondered "Mother... what happened..? Are you ok?" He picked it up and wrapped his arms around it without getting up. Suufi also seemed worried "Is she... suffering..?" Yazoo seemed to respond to someone I couldn't hear "Right, I'll give it to him if that's what you really want, Mother. You're always right." Yazoo stood up and approached me, holding the box that seemed to be loaded with JENOVA cells out to me "Mother wants you to keep this so you can remember her." I was confused "What do you mean remember her?" Yazoo shrugged "That's something she will tell you, brother. I may be her son, but I can't speak for her. Just take her hand." I silently took the remains from him and looked at it. I didn't even know why I was agreeing to this, or what told me to inside, but I still did it anyway. I asked "Is this why Rufus and the others ran away?" Yazoo replied "How should I know? It's possible, I'll give you that. Mother's power is brimming inside of that. Maybe they left her behind attempting to avoid the stigma. Your guess is as good as mine, brother." For some reason, I had a bad feeling about carrying this around. I wanted to throw it out of a window, but i couldn't; i didn't understand why. But it was no good; I couldn't even attempt to. I felt my face grow grim and something had paralyzed me; I was shaking with fear for no apparent reason. Yazoo broke the silence "Alright, Little Brother. I think I know how to fix you." Suufi happily cried "Yay! Do it, Brother Yazoo!" Yazoo laughed "Yes, hold on, Little Brother. I know what they did to you now." I saw Yazoo head to a computer and start working "Suufi, get in that cell over there. I can reactivate your JENOVA cells and return your strength from here." Suufi obeyed, and Yazop warned "Alright, here goes... I'm afraid this will hurt, Brother, but the pain will be brief, fortunately." Yazoo continued working, and some thin wires penetrated Suufi's body in several places. I guessed they were connected to the computer and Yazoo was using it to give him his power back. The wires separated from him shortly after, and the cell unlocked and Suufi was freed. Suufi smiled "Mother's cells within me... Yay! I'm strong again and can fight!" Yazoo was also pleased "Of course. Mother's cells are the core source of our power. The only way we could lose our strength is if an external source were to interfere with their function. It's no surprise Rufus knows that... there's no other way he could've neutralized your power to such an extent. Let's get out of here before the enemy has a chance to say hi." Suufi agreed "Yeah!" I saw them beginning to exit, and Yazoo stopped before entering the elevator, turning my way "I don't know where you will go, or what you intend to do, brother... but that's up to you. Whatever you choose, make yourself a useful asset to Mother's legacy at the very least. You're plenty equipped for the job, if you're up to it of course. But never forget: if you make one wrong move, you'll bring Mother's wrath upon yourself... worse than you already have. I don't expect you to believe me, but you don't wanna know what will happen if you anger her beyond this point. But I will tell you this: you will see her like you never have before. And not in a good way." Then he took Suufi and left. I wondered "What is Yazoo talking about..? And why do I have such a bad feeling about all of this?" Out of nowhere, I heard a woman's voice say "Reunion Day.... begins at the stroke of midnight. You have until then... to fix what you did wrong." I asked "And what happens if I don't?" The woman answered "You will pay the ultimate price. Ask what you will, Cloud. But until you atone for your rotten deeds, I will not accept you. Show my youngest that you are sorry, and the curse will be lifted." Now I was really confused "Curse..?! What curse?" But she didn't respond. I angrily said "Answer me!" I felt a rush of intense pain, and my vision flickered "Silence! Until you prove your worth, you will be shown no mercy!" I felt a familiar pain in my arm and couldn't ignore it; it felt exactly like the pains I had during my Geostigma infection. Shortly thereafter, I fell to the floor and blacked out.

    Later that day...

    (This section will focus on Loz as the speaker) I brought Cloud's body to the Mako Reactor, and stayed nearby until he woke up. It was long and boring, but I knew I had to do it anyway. He woke up, moaning "Unngh... where am I? What happened there..?" I answered "Whatever went on there, brother, Mother is not very happy with you. Have a look at your arm." Cloud glanced at his arm "No..! How did I get it again..?!" He turned back to me "Tell me how to get rid of it!" I laughed "A little late, brother. The only water in JENOVA Kingdom is black water, which holds the power to restore Mother's cells inside of us. Likewise, it would just make your stigma worse. I wouldn't go diving in it if I were you. One step and you're dead... literally." Cloud asked "Then what am I supposed to do? Just let it kill me?" I replied "Yes... unless you show SEPHIROVA you're sorry. If she knows you really feel bad about what you put her through, then maybe you'll be freed of the stigma. But, if you dont, it will kill you by midnight. Make your choice: do what Mother said, or suffer the consequences." Cloud asked "And how much time do I have left?" I sighed "You've got 5 hours as of now. When Reunion Day is here, you'll be killed by your Geostigma if you don't do Mother's bidding. Answer me this, Cloud... would you rather die a murderer, or have a special place in Mother's kingdom that everyone will love?" I gazed firmly at him, arming my dual hound. Cloud sighed "Ok fine.. I'll find a way to do it." Then he got up and left the room.

    To be Continued...