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Destiny JENOVA IV: Revolution (Chapter 19: Nemesis)

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  1. Kadaj
    Chapter 19: Nemesis

    (This section will focus on Cloud as the speaker) Once again, I left Mako Reactor to focus on a mission I was forced to do. I didn't like people pushing me around telling me to do things that don't matter to me, especially when it came to Sephiroth and JENOVA--along with how ever many lackeys they had everywhere. I was outside traveling by foot, hoping to find this SEPHIROVA girl that Yazoo said was his Sister, Kadaj, in much greater form with increased power and overall ability. I didn't want anymore to do with this mess, and low and behold, I get the stigma at the last minute and am forced into another mess before I have a chance to go my own way. This was becoming a nuisance and the drag only got worse; the longer I stayed on this Planet, the worse everything got for me. I even questioned if I would make it through this kingdom alive. There were too many enemies and only one of me. Out of nowhere, I heard Yazoo's voice in my head "Now you know how it feels to be outweighed by numbers". I tried to shake it away, but I just couldn't forget everything he told me in Shinra Headquarters. He didn't scream or shout very much, but it was obvious he was very angry during that conversation. I wished none of this was real; that everything I was seeing and feeling was nothing but a bad dream. But it wasn't; it was all real. I had my sword out, prepared to fight anything that came my way. I wondered " Why..? Why are they doing this? And if Yazoo wanted to kill me so badly, why didn't he do it during the Shinra HQ mission when he had the chance?" I couldn't get rid of the swirling thoughts and emotions constantly sweeping over me; it was like a wound that would never go away; a scar that never heals. I wondered "What is going on..?" Another sharp pain went through my arm, and I collapsed. I saw mental images of my memories, when I killed Yazoo and Loz a second time, and saw Kadaj weeping over their bodies. I saw her hastily approach me with pure anger, and then it disappeared. Then I saw JENOVA looking down angrily at me in an endless black space; her gaze was so piercing it was horrifying to me. The images vanished, and the pain in my arm also stopped. I moaned, slowly getting back up and retrieving my sword "Ungh... what is this..? I keep feeling worse, and worse..." I continued walking, but tears also began falling from my face. I wanted to shake them away, but it was impossible.

    Meanwhile, not so far away in the sky...

    (This part will focus on SEPHIROVA as the speaker) I was flying through the skies, forced to return to the kingdom before I had a chance to reach SAKUI's main fortress in the cosmos. I had word from Sephiroth that the Shinra problem was becoming horrific, and the kingdom also in danger. But worse than that, I sensed Cloud Strife in physical form very close by. I could not let him roam free; he destroyed us all twice, and that gave him an automatic critical concerning threat labels. I activated my left eye and scanned the ground below, and caught Cloud walking further ahead "So he is back... but not for long. Once I'm done with him, he won't be doing anything to Mother's kingdom. And this time... he is no match for me." My eyes narrowed and a rush of anger and hatred sweep over myself. I sensed Mother's lifestream beginning to react to my emotion, and its power began gathering behind me "I'm closing in on him... and will destroy him with the Reunion System." I began descending to land directly in front of him.

    Cloud was still walking elsewhere, unaware of being targeted...

    (This part will focus on Cloud as the speaker) I only felt more and more depressed as time went by. I wondered if 5 hours was even enough time to do what they wanted me to. I also still had JENOVA's remains that Yazoo told me to keep with me. I don't know why, but I chose not to leave it at the Mako Reactor when I left. Out of nowhere, something crash landed so heavily in front of me, the ground shook and I got knocked far back "What the..?! What was that?" I didn't stand up, but sat and tried to see what landed and knocked me down. The rubble was cleared by a strong green and black light that appeared to come from inside, and I saw a woman who wore the same clothes as Sephiroth but resembled JENOVA at the same time; her outfit was also more worn, and her hair right eye was a shiny green. One of her wings was black, and the other had the insides exposed. She was looking directly at me. I made out my words "She's.... the one Yazoo was talking about..!" I felt paralyzed by fear, unable to move an inch. She approached me slowly, her piercing gaze only showing burning anger and hatred that seemed worse than Sephiroth's. She stopped not far away, pulling her katana "Enemy infiltrator, threat level critical; engage obliteration, Reunion System." She didn't even seem to talk like a person! Was she being controlled? The JENOVA Lifestream quickly descended, and gathered itself behind her, forming a strange insignia that had two tendrils bolt from the center "What in the world?! Stop, wait!" She gazed at me heatedly "I won't stop for a second of my life, you monster!" I felt another rush of tears. She moved her arms as though trying to control whatever was formed behind her "First, I'm taking back the blessing you abused." The tendrils came my way, and went through my body as though to pull something from me; I was screaming now. The pain was unbearable. SEPHIROVA didn't seem to care at all. When the tendrils finally separated from me, I managed to stop screaming but was too overwhelmed to speak. All I could do was look at her in horror. I couldn't stop my tears; they only got heavier "Stop it... please!" She giggled under her breath, pointing her masamume at me "I've always wanted to make you beg for mercy and forgiveness. Why should I stop? I'll make you suffer even more... out of the goodness of my heart, and as Queen of JENOVA Kingdom." She moved her arms again, and several large rays of green and black came speeding at me. I felt agonized now; my body wracking with pain, my tears so heavy they felt more like rain. Out of nowhere, I gained a mysterious strength and got up, blindingly charging towards SEPHIROVA through the rays of black and green she had hurled at me using the JENOVA Lifestream; I got hit by all of them, but managed to reach her without crashing. I cried in agony, falling to my knees at her feet "I'm sorry!! I'm so sorry..! Please... I didn't mean to..!" I felt my vision begin to fade, and fell down, landing on my back. I realized I was drenched in my own blood from taking too many hits from her attack, and I was looking up at her now "Please forgive me... give me one more... chance..!" I choked on blood, and she was looking down at me with a strange look on her face. She backed away hastily, and I heard her gasp some ways behind me. I tried to stay awake, but I couldn't; I blacked out in seconds after that.

    Not much later, Sephiroth located both of them while flying about...

    (This part will focus on Sephiroth as the speaker) I was focused on neutralizing enemy forces, but something caught my attention just below where I was flying: I saw SEPHIROVA standing a bit behind Cloud, who was lying motionless in a large bloody mess "Whoa... what happened here..?!" I flew in to see what was going on. When I landed, I noticed SEPHIROVA was shaking and had an angry expression on her face. Even though she appeared angry in the face, I knew she felt very hurt inside; as though she made a big mistake. She wouldn't take her eyes off Cloud's still body, resting in a large bloody puddle. I approached SEPHIROVA and asked "Sister... are you alright?" She sounded like she was starting to cry, and tried to hold it in. I watched her raise her katana as though ready to strike his body once again, and I hurried to stop her, grabbing her arm with my hand "Don't do it! That's enough, Sister!" She lowered her arm, and dropped her katana "I did it... I finally killed the man..! But he... he said he was..." Then she screamed in what seemed like hatred and hurt. I was worried now "Calm down, SEPHIROVA! Enough madness!" I put both my hands on her shoulders and said "It's okay, Kadaj... you don't have to suffer any longer. You're stronger... and you have me and your Brothers back. The past, everything he did to you... its all over. You don't have to be afraid anymore." She suddenly calmed down, giving me a hopeful glance in silence. I continued "And Mother is happy, too. When Mother is happy, you should be too. Don't do this to yourself. I know you probably won't ever forget what he did to Yazoo and Loz, what he did to you... but you have to let go. If you don't let go, Mother will worry for you... and since you're Queen, she'll worry for her kingdom too. You're directly tied to her lifestream in this form, and if you drown in pain, it also endangers the whole kingdom." She looked at Cloud's body once again, but remained calm " I was supposed to give him a chance to prove he was sorry, but I killed him before he had the chance... and he died apologizing. I got reckless again... my emotions got the better of me..." I let go of her and followed her glance. After a long silence, I said "Hmm... You're not gonna believe this, but I don't think he's dead. If he was dead, he would have faded into Mother's Lifestream by now." SEPHIROVA was shocked "Preposterous! He took a direct hit from the Reunion System and JENOVA Lifestream! No one could possibly survive that!" I sighed "I knew someone had used it... You really did get carried away. So not only did you blast him to oblivion, but you also snatched away the little JENOVA cells he had. What a mess..." I was staring down now. I couldn't believe all of this "I really should have killed him at Shinra Headquarters... then my Sister wouldn't have suffered so much... She got so hurt, she used her two greatest weapons just to kill him..." SEPHIROVA turned to me "He can't last much longer, even if he is still alive. Especially since he also has the stigma that can easily finish him off." I added "And without anyone to run JENOVA Foundation, we also lack a science and medical center now... had Rufus not been exiled, this could have been easily taken care of. We have to clean up this mess before anything can get worse." SEPHIROVA agreed "Agreed. I had to make an emergency turn around when I sensed Cloud Strife running around, so I couldn't get to SAKUI in time. Until we attack Shinra directly, the situation will only worsen. We have no choice but to defeat their bosses: Rufus and company. All of them, along with Vincent must be eliminated immediately." I remembered my encounter with Vincent "But Vincent... he has Perfect WEAPON. He made off with the Perfect Materia in the Forgotten City. Even Loz couldn't catch up to him to take it back... which means we have to destroy the beast as well--and make sure to seal the materia away where it will never be found, in order to make certain this never happens again. In addition, our friend seems skilled at making fake copies of others that even you cannot identify from the real thing. There must be something different about the energy readings on the fakes, though... they can't be completely like the real ones. For example, its obvious that a simple copy won't have the life energy that humans have inside themselves. It's just a phantom, not an actual person." SEPHIROVA shook her head "I wish I could agree, but ever since I got word he was making copies of people, my scanning and radar systems have malfunctioned. That prevented me from getting any intel on the issue." I decided to talk about this later "We have to do something about Cloud before he does fade. Sister... I want you to find a way to fix him up." She was shocked "What?" I simply kept my silent stare on her face rather than speaking. She cried "I can't! I don't know how! Even my power alone can't heal a human!" I sighed "I know it sounds impossible since we only have black water in the kingdom, but as Queen you are the only one with any true potential to make it a possibility. If you really do forgive him for everything he did, I know you will take it seriously, Sister." I walked away a bit after that, and turned around to watch what should would choose. I kept my expression as pure as I could in order to comfort and encourage her. She looked my way briefly, then returned her glance to Cloud; he was still motionless. I finished by saying "Sister... he has until midnight to make it. If the clock reaches midnight, the stigma will take his life regardless if he is alive by that time otherwise. The only thing that can save him, that has any power to... is your judgement as Queen, SEPHIROVA. I won't try to push you, but promise me you will follow your heart and think about what Mother would have wanted." She took notice of a box in Cloud's hand and took it from him. She seemed shocked "This is.... Reunion Day is tomorrow?! Oh my goodness... I have to hurry up! Sephiroth, round up every member of JENOVA SOLDIER and attack the enemy at the Nibelheim site! I have to get everything cleaned up to prepare for Mother's Grand Coming!" I replied "Will do. We'll have them annihilated on time." Somehow, i secretly thought. But an order was an order, and that meant to do this even if it seemed impossible. How were we supposed to beat the strongest monster in the kingdom in what was now 3 hours from now? I didn't have the answer, but one thing was certain: we would need all the muscle we could possibly get for it to happen. Perfect WEAPON was too powerful for even me to defeat by myself. And I'm one of the stronger in the range of JENOVA SOLDIER 1st Class, which means it's likely near impossible for anyone else to put up a serious fight the way I could against him. If we fought together though, then we might have a chance. The only way to bring this thing down was with valuable numbers to do it. I kept looking at SEPHIROVA, and she slowly reached for Cloud's body to pick him up. She seemed to hesitate, pulling her hands back a few times, but ended up lifting him to carry him. She flew away, carrying him without looking back. I smiled, and laughed under my breath "I doubt he'll be dumb enough to try the same thing again after what she did to him. Anymore hits than that, and he would have been done for. In the meantime... I have to defeat Shinra before Mother returns. And take the beast out with them." I flew away after that to gather everyone else in JENOVA SOLDIER. I couldn't believe the end of the current year had already been so close. Reunion Day was always the last day of the year in JENOVA Kingdom, when everyone would gather at the Forgotten City to respect Mother and the members of JENOVA SOLDIER who always worked to protect her legacy and fulfill her will. Though the day was mainly focused on respecting Mother, Mother decided it should also focus on respecting her warriors since we were the reason the Planet was reclaimed from the start. Without our support, her kingdom would not be here. But in rare cases, if she passed decision of the Ultimate Sacrifice, it would be the day she would come back to us and we would celebrate her return to life. The exact time that would manifest? Midnight. There wasn't a lot of time left until then. If Mother found her kingdom in a mess like this, she would not be very happy. I was determined to turn the tide on this Shinra mess so she could come home with a smile on her face instead of her running amok out of anger. I knew that if this happened, it would be the enemy's inevitable end, but it would also leave the kingdom itself in shambles if she got that angry. Enough lives were lost already, and I didn't want anymore losses. It was time to stop playing around and clean everything up.

    To be Continued...