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EA's Curse

TL;DR I rant about ea shutting down maxis

  1. ToxicWolf1132
    If you heard about Maxis being shut down, it may have seen surprising. However, a brief look at past companies who have been shut down by ea shows that it wasn't anything new, and in fact, it was all part of a pattern. First, ea buys a game company that's relatively good, like pandemic or mythic. For their first few games working under ea, they let them continue making games their own way, ensuring that the company doesn't lose what made it successful enough to be bought out by ea. Then, ea starts to tell the companies to get their act together, and start adding things on that benefit the publisher rather then the game company or the players. Let's look at Mythic for example. They made an awesome war hammer mmo, as well as a few other good games. Then they made the infamous Dungeon Keeper mobile game, which was so bad, they shut down the company. Now here's the thing. Early concepts and previews showed the game was going to be different, rather good. But then they just randomly started adding in pay to win bs like paying to mine a block. Same with maxis. They made the sims and all the sim spinoff games, but then with the sims 4 and simcity, ea gave them less development time, and once again, more features started popping up that seem to benefit mainly the publisher rather then the players or the game company. Sure, some of these instances COULD be written off as just coincidence, maybe the games were always going to be bad from the start. But this happens FAR TOO OFTEN for this to be merely a coincidence. Many people think that Bioware is one of the next companies that's going to be shut down by EA, but it seems pretty safe, for now. It's the only one who's actually defying the ea game company curse, minus the me3 ending debacle. No, I'm more worried about either visceral or dice. Because the last dead space, one of EA's bigger titles, was horribly recieved due to it being more action oriented. Visceral's newest game? Battlefield hardline, the cops and robbers game no one seems to want. Meanwhile Dice made Battlefield 4, a game they're STILL trying to fix, which irked many consumers and reviewers. Dice currently has 2 chances to survive, with mirror's edge 2 and battlefront coming out soon. But if either one of these companies were to suddenly "disappear" I wouldn't be surprised

Recent Comments

  1. Earth2543
    Nuuuuuu!!! Maxis! i will always miss you.

    (damn you EA)
  2. Magik
    Battlefield Hardline looks cool though....
    But I see your point, and it's actually true. I just hope Star Wars Battlefront 4 isn't bad..... Oh gawd please no...
    1. ToxicWolf1132
      Blogger's Response
      While Hardline DOES look intresting, if the reactions are anything to go off of, it won't sell well, or at least as well as EA wants. And if battlefront is bad....lord help us all XD
  3. D4rkDragon
    It isn't new. EA is one of the gaming industry's worst studios, shutting down what-could-have-made-promising-games studios by buying them and screwing them up. So, just like what @Spinnerweb said, they can go and die. And if they ever get bought, I hope that those licences who were killed by EA will be "resurrected" and will be good.
  4. Spinnerweb
    Wait... They're shutting down Maxis? Die, EA.