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Fantasy Life - 10 Golden Rules

10 rules to follow when you play this wondrous game.

  1. Alex
    Rule 1: Hoard Every Item.
    Rule 2: Kill everything
    Rule 3: Make as many potions as humanely possible.
    Rule 4: Always make your own equipment if possible
    Rule 5: Don't get more than 4 bounties, as they'll disappear after the first 3
    Rule 6: Don't think you're big and powerful - Monsters with a gold name can and will kill you when you're low rank.
    Rule 7: Do not leave your Luck at 5 - You'll regret it later.
    Rule 8: Play with friends. If you're having trouble taking down a monster, it's easier with a friend than AI partners
    Rule 9: Always be sure to carry Life Cures around - At least 10 later on in the game
    Rule 10: Remember, you don't have to follow these rules! These are just very good tips on how to play. After all, it's your Life!

    *cough*CbdSora came up with some rules*cough*

Recent Comments

  1. Barmont
    Well, i'm still getting the hang of this game, but i'll try to follow these hints.
  2. Marc
    There was this one time at band camp (American Pie, you know lol)... being a little more serious, I played big and mighty once around a gold crown enemy and got OHKO'd by a single attack.

    So I wanted revenge, see. I got a partner, went in the enemy's domain and got him by surprise. The guild has him in a cage as we speak :P
  3. OopaMazo
    I'm too lazy to follow Rule 4. As for rule 7, there's always luck boosting potions. xD
  4. SunnyWindy
    The rule 1 might be the most important one, seriously... Pick up everything.
    1. Alex
      Blogger's Response
      Hear hear. I cursed myself for not doing so when I started crafting.