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Fire Emblem:Awakening,My frustration and pain.

Don't forget the puns!(you are safe,for now.)

  1. XxDeathlyWordsxX
    Okay!This game WILL be the death of me.I'm a newcomer to the series,and anything past chapter 10 had me SCREAMING at my 3DS.No joke,my avatar died OVER and OVER and OVER AGAIN!It is a miracle if I beat a chapter on my first try.I have it on normal and on casual.I love and hate this game,I like the animated cutscenes and it's fun,but really frustrating!Do I just suck or is it normal to be really frustrated at this game?Also,does anyone else dislike Fredrick as much as I do?THESE QUESTIONS MUST BE ANSWERED!Nah,but seriously,Fredrick comes off as a jerk,at least to me,and he's not very smooth with the ladies,which is a BIT comedic.
    (There WILL be a part two,I promise!)

Recent Comments

  1. SaToRi
    I sucked too when I first statred playing FE too. Keep trying and you'll eventually get it.
  2. Rin
    Omg, I feel,your pain so much! I can't get past chapter 12 on Normal and Casual modes! I don't dislike Fredrick, but I don't really like him either.
  3. Spinnerweb
    Lulz, this made me laugh. :3 A lot of RPGs (and some belonging to famous franchises in particular) are quite difficult and time-consuming, so don't worry, you don't suck.
    1. XxDeathlyWordsxX
      Blogger's Response
      Yay!I don't suck!I guess I'll get used to the difficulty,but I'll pass on lunatic mode,for now.