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How to Host a contest on 3dspedia

A guide of how to host a contest

  1. Slayerpon Tatsu
    Hey guys! So I have been looking around at some contest and can see some of you newbies are struggling on how to run a good, organized contest. So here I am to tell you in a few easy steps, how to make a contest.

    Step 1: Choosing the type of Contest. Choosing the type of contest is very important. It can be a raffle, a tournament, art computation, etc. The type of contest you chose will affect how many people are attracted. For example, let's say someone where to do a Mario Kart 8 tournament. This would appeal to the pedians that love racing. Now say someone wanted a design for Animal Crossing: New Leaf. Different types of people like artist would do this because, they can show off their artistic skills and is not as intense.

    Step 2: The Instructions. If you are going to do a contest you have to have instructions. Don't make your instructions difficult and hard to read or blunt. Make sure they are clear, understandable, and straight to that point so that they don't drag on. Also make sure to state the rules to not have any confusion.

    Step 3: The prize. Now, when someone enters a contest the prize is going to be your attention getter. Maybe the prize is pc or a Eshop code. Maybe it's an item that is hard to find in the game. The prize however should be reasonable. If you are going to make the prize pc, it should be around 50ish or higher. Don't host a contest where the prize is under 20 pc. People can do that just by selling things or posting frequently, (I will make those tutorials later) If doing an item, make it meaningful like a rare pokemon or something.

    Step 4: Organization. This is a crucial step so read very carefully! If hosting a contest you need a way to keep the entrants organized. Are they going to be listed on the front page? Make a bracket if doing a tournament? In a list or by naming off every one and dividing them. The better organization, the smoother the tournament will run. Also, if they need pc to enter MAKE SURE THEY HAVE TO PAY BEFORE HAND. You could have someone enter and not even pay and you won't notice. Make sure you check. And if preserving spots, if someone wants to join and the reserve spot hasn't paid let that person have that spot.

    Step 5: Advertising. Once you have done the above steps, now it is ttime to advertise. To start advertising, go to the pedia emporium and ask @Mikaya to put your contest in the Ad box. Make sure your advertisement is grabbing the pedians attention and not blunt. Make it sound fun or interesting, not blunt and boring. You should also ask if anyone is interested, but please, be polite and don't spam people.

    Follow these steps and your contest will be a success! :)

Recent Comments

  1. Youngster Joey
    Youngster Joey
    I know this was posted even before I joined, but this is still really helpful. Thanks!
  2. TheCheesyNuke
  3. SmashChamp
    Nice guide