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Into The Wild

Into the Wild is a 1996 non-fiction book written by Jon Krakauer

  1. Malladus
    I started reading a book called Into the wild by Jon Krakauer which tells a story of a guy name Christopher McCandless who grew up in Virginia. After graduating in Emory University, McCandless stops communicating with his parent,Changed his name, sold his house, and gave away all his college funds to Oxfam which is an organization to stop world hunger. Despite on what he done, his journey was to go on the Stampede Trail in Alaska and make a new living there. Unfortunately he was found dead and now I'm wondering why is he abandoning his life for all this? What pursued McCandless's decision to walk into the wild? Why he changed his name to Alex? Ughhh.. this is a must read book!


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  1. 3dsatackman
    that sounds like a good book :)