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Jigglypuff viable again?!

  1. MMMs
    Jigglypuff Char.png Hi there MMMs here for my first blog! lol

    Well I'm starting off with my old Melee fave, Jigglypuff!

    Back in Melee, Jigglypuff was one of the best characters around! With Brawl came in and nerfed Jigglypuff to the extent that Jigglypuff is no longer viable to play with and is more or less of a Joke Character back in Brawl.

    In Smash 4 however, Jigglypuff got Buffed to the extent that its usable again!

    I did some research and found a comparison from Brawl

    Changes from Brawl
    Jigglypuff has been buffed from Brawl, although not quite back to its strength from Melee.

    • [​IMG] Neutral attack and up tilt have been sped up.
    • [​IMG] Up tilt, forward tilt, down throw and up throw do 1% more damage.
    • [​IMG] Neutral air, back aerial, up smash and back throw deal 1% more damage and have more knockback.
    • [​IMG] Forward throw deals 1% more damage and has slightly shorter endlag.
    • [​IMG] Dash grab has less ending lag.
    • [​IMG] Rest is significantly stronger than in Brawl, though not quite back to its Melee power. Due to the changes in hitstun mechanics, Jigglypuff can now perform true combos into Rest, greatly improving its utility once again. Rest also deals more damage.
    • [​IMG] Dash attack has less ending lag and is stronger.
    • [​IMG] Up air has more reach.
    • [​IMG] Back aerial is drastically more powerful to the point where it can reliably KO under 120%.
      • [​IMG] Because of this, it loses some of its Wall of pain ability.
    • [​IMG] Pound deals more shield damage.
      • [​IMG] Pound has lost some of its momentum, losing some of its horizontal recovery(But it can still do 6 jumps so no biggie)
    • [​IMG] Forward air does less damage.
    • [​IMG] Rollout deals much less damage and knockback.
      • [​IMG] Jigglypuff can no longer move in midair after striking an opponent.
    • [​IMG] Now uses its other arm to Pummel, instead of its hair curl.
    Another piece of added info is that Jigglypuff can now do Crouch Rest like back in Melee! lol

    These are based on the experience I had with the character
    Rated upon 1V1 battles

    -Has been buffed to the extent that is usable again
    -Can reliably KO under 120%
    -A lot of attacks has more knockback
    -Good Aerial
    -Amazing Aerial Recovery
    -Got a bit faster
    -Pound reduces opponent's Shield to upto 50%, so expect to break shields
    -Can avoid Weapon-Based characters easily with Air dodge and can handle brawl-Type characters fairly well with Bair,Nair.
    -Can easily Juggle

    -Most Special Attacks got nerfed
    -Expect to get launched high with low percentage
    -Shield Break = KO
    -Hard to Maneuver for beginners
    -Expect Swords to be your worst enemy(Mid-ranged characters)
    -An Advanced Character

Recent Comments

  1. Artisan
    Jigglypuff has short range but great mobility in the air. Definitely an air based character as the Balloon Pokemon is. His pound only breaks shields if you use it twice in a row at similar times before it regenerates. Definitely one of my favorites however Meta Knight and Kirby have competition with JP over who is easier to use.