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John's Pretzel

I 8 it

  1. Doctor Strange
    image.jpg View attachment 3035 On Friday, when my classmate Dom got John's pretzel when he was absent, he was eating his own pretzel plus half of John's pretzel. So when Dom was eating the pretzel, I took the pretzel and ate it, but I did share with my classmate Ariana. Before I put the pretzel in my mouth, Dom was like "You better put that back on my desk!" But no, I ate it because I wanted a snack. After finishing John's pretzel, I laughed an evil laugh and Dom said "One day, I'm gonna get you back for this" And I laughed. THE END. :p P.S. Leonardo is representing Dom's anger

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  1. 3dsatackman
    1. Doctor Strange
      Blogger's Response
      In a good or bad way? BTW, this is a real story that happened to me on Friday