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Let me just rant for a second


  1. TunaMelt
    Let's talk about the Legend of Korra. It's a very underrated show, and most people who dislike it don't have a good reason to dislike it.

    Today, I was in the shout box. I saw that the people in the shout box were talking about cartoons. One person I won't list said "I loved Avatar The Last Airbender". I agreed until she said this. "And then they made the crappy show, Legend of Korra". I immediately asked why. And all they said was "she.was.a.girl". First of all (I'm going to nitpick), punctuation is a thing in America. Second, that was very sexist of you. And third, your opinion is bias. To think, people hate shows because the show has a female lead. What has this world come to?

Recent Comments

  1. ToxicWolf1132
    While I admit that's kind of a sexist reason, the show isn't anywhere near as good as The Last Airbender. The character development is lacking, part of what made Aang awesome was seeing him learn all the elements, while Korra just somehow learned them all as a baby, and the show itself feels like it was only made because The Last Airbender was popular.
    1. TunaMelt
      Blogger's Response
      True, it wasn't as good as the original, but it created such a cool story line. And the characters were actually extremely well writen. And how Korra got most of the elements so quickly. It's pretty much like Dragon Ball Z with Goten and Trunks. They had better trainers and it was a more modern time.