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Links in the zero escape series

Links in the two games

  1. Zerojr
    The zero escape game has a lot of linking themes and I want to try and show you exactly what they are. Don't read if you don't want spoilers.

    Okay so about a year ago I found a game for the Nintendo ds named 9 hours 9 persons 9 doors. The objective of the 'nonary game' was to go through numbered doors in groups between 3-5 and find the 9th door. That was the only exit to a sinking ship that you knew of.I loved the game as every decision I made decided which ending I got but was disappointed when I found it only had 6 endings but still plenty of game play I found earlier in the year the second game with more links and ending (this is based on memory so if not everything is correct pleased dont blame me) . Some characters I found myself liking straight away and a few of my favourites are mentioned in this blog so I will name them

    Clover (she is called this as a code name but in the second game its her real name) she is a teenage girl who is in 3 nonary games. Becomes important later in the game. She later works as a secret agent of sorts searching for Akane to arrest her for kidnapping.

    Akane (SPOIERS) she is the sister of zero and the reason for the first nonary game and the second. She is also Junpei's love interest. Becomes known as the old lady late

    Junpei the main character in the first game. Endlessly tries to flirt with Akane to no avail . (spoilers) Becomes know by another name Tenmyouji in the second game for one reason i will cover later.

    Zero / Aoi ( / santa He is akane's sister after watching her burn alive he creates the second nonary game as zero so junpei can connect to her in the past and save her . Making many parallel universes (represented by each ending).

    Alice (all-ice) mentions in a few books and only met once at the true end of 999 she works as an investigative officer above clover in the second game. She becomes a player in the third nonary game with clover and is one of the first effected by radical 6.

    Okay so now I am going start with one point people have brought up before. Why Akane wanted to start the second nonary game to stop radical 6 when in the first game she seemed so selfish in wanting to save her life. People say it is a swift personality change however, I dont believe it is. I have been told while talking about the game with others one of the first victims was Aoi. Her brother had saved her by creating the first nonary game, now she is doing the same to him and trying to get things the way they were . Which was the christmas present she asked for that Aoi never managed to get her.

    Second point .I once heard someone say they didn't understand why Junpei went by a different name. It's simple really he wasn't kidnapped in the past he aged, cover and Alice knew him. If they realized he had aged then surely they would know that some time must have went by since they were kidnapped.

    Third point Dio killing Cover and Junpei in one of the endings. I cannot go into detail but the reason Luna could say nothing was that she watched Dio commit the second crime too.I cannot say what it was as it's against site rules. The question around this one is why kill Junpei too? At least clovers death is guaranteed if she misses the gate and more in the second round if they dont go through the door. But Clover and Junpei were a pair if either one of them had escaped they would survive.

    Final Point. RADICAL 6 ESCAPE this is a theory of my own and technically holds no merit but at the very end of the game you find out that clover and alice are trying to go back to when they are kidnapped but wait. THEY ARE INFECTED WITH RADICAL 6 so if they went back in time and are kidnapped again. A simple blood sample is all it takes for a certain religious extremist group to create the disease . So I leave you with the point . Are Alice and Clover the true start of radical 6?