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Mario, is a dangerous killer. Yes.

You may bt thinking, "WHAAT!? No!" but let me explain.

  1. PigMayor
    (First off, people are being mean in the comments saying it's from the game Theorists from Youtube, (which it kinda is) so credit to the Game Theorists)

    Yes, as the title states, it is true. Mario is the Mushroom Kingdom's most famous hero, yet it's most dangerous villain.

    Now, you may be thinking, "What? How is that possible? He defeats Bowser in every game!". Just let me explain. You see, way back before some of you here ever existed, or maybe you grew up with it, the NES had Super Mario Bros., the game that started the mustachioed plumber's career.

    Now, with said game, there came an instruction manual, as all games should have. In this manual, my darlings, is where the truth lies. In the manual, it describes of how King Koop (today known as Bowser to you kiddies), kidnapped Princess Toadstool (Peach), and turned the citizens of the Mushroom Kingdom, into bricks. You heard me correctly, ladies and gentlemen. Bricks.

    With that still in mind, think about this: How many times do YOU, MARIO, the Savior, hit a brick, EACH GAME!?

    You, my good man, woman or child, are just like Five Nights at FREDDY'S own Purple Man, killing innocent people for no given reason. Except in Mario, what do you do? defeat Some lousy enemy? Get a power-up?

    Yes, you, the player (if you haven't yet pieced it together), have killed hundreds, thousands, maybe even millions of Toads! Yes, how could this be, you may be asking yourself. My answer is, I don't know. I don't know why Nintendo has done this dark deed and laid it out on front of us. The only thing left to do is wonder, "why?".

    That is all......

    The End

Recent Comments

  1. KooleoKun
    NOOOOOO i love toad :(
  2. milesiscool123
    FYI breaking bricks gives you points
  3. OopaMazo
    I don't see how the two users below me were being mean. This definitely isn't the first time I've heard of people saying Mario is a killer.

    It's all interesting, but no matter what, I'll still be on Mario's side! :D
    1. PigMayor
      Blogger's Response
      There were to comments before saying that I copied the Game theorists :3
  4. TribstyAnn
    Also Bowser was called King Koopa not King Koop. :)
  5. Iridium Winter
    Iridium Winter
    Is it just me, or does this sound a lot like a certain Game Theory video?
    1. PigMayor
      Blogger's Response
      You got it m8, isn't it gr8? No b8, that video is 8/8