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Mario parties 1

Why i love mario party 1 (i'll also make these or the 2 and 3 i love those too)

  1. Luxis13
    In my own opinion, the best mario party games i played were the ones for the N64 which i still have and play whenever the urge comes >w<

    Mario party: First released in japan in dicember 18, 1998
    This game is actually very into playability and even has a decent story mode when playing the boards, its much simpler, not many items except the mushroom spaces which either poison you to roll a dice block of 1-3 or give you a new dice block to keep going.

    Well it also has a separate story mode like option which is "Minigame island" this one is hard though in some parts depending on your controller's condition. nwnU

    Also i heard that people used to get blisters and friction burns from this game and Nintendo got in trouble for it since many minigames involved spinning the control stick fast, and in those days the controll sticks werent smooth and soft. .w.U

    One of my favorate boards was DK jungle adventure, i love the ruins plus its the begginner board but its still very challenging if the characters end up stepping on the "?" spaces too much. The story was to find an ancient artifact which was..... golden bananas!!!

    Peach's birthday cake, another board, that one got me hungry when i was little and playing it >w> that one is kinda easy and is fun to play and relax (and be hungry) in. I....forgot what story was this one...

    Wario's battle canyon was the most recently played by me and it is hard, you get teleported from one place to another and stepping on a "?" space meant being shot out of a cannon, even if close to the star QwQ
    Also bowser is a board character in all the boards, he steals your coins by giving you junk as treasure. The story of this board was that the water and pink Bob-ombs were at an endless war against each other, scarring the land, though the superstar makes a treaty so they join together and end the war, i was in 2nd place at that time >w> lol.

    Luigi's engine room has a odd story, to find out what the engine actually powers, the superstar ends up reviving a airship OoO i remember the first time i saw that ending.

    One of the odd but good things about this game is the background changes, of ths start screen, another is if you collect 100 stars you unlock the real final stage which isnt the bowser one but to save a huge star in space! I think anyways XD
    and last thing is that the music of "Bowser's magma mountain can be heard in the remix of bowser hill in the game super mario rpg: legend of the 7 stars.

    I hope you like the bit of info here, and if you ever get the chance to play it, take it, you wont regret it nwn


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