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Me, Myself, and Majora's Mask

A true story about my love-hate relationship with Majora's Mask.

  1. Seredimas
    My hands were trembling as I popped the new game in. Thoughts were rummaging through my head as to what I was to expect of the new Zelda game. I was expecting the magic I saw at my first E3, the magic saw in Majora's Mask. I hit the power button... the N64 logo finished spinning... and there it was, the famous mask. As an unoriginal child I would always name Link Link. I went through the first few minutes of the game, cool... I could do backflips off of logs. Ok, now I'm a deku scrub. OH JESUS HELP!!! What is that thing? I thought. There lies the moon that traumatized me as a young child. I turned off the power and placed on my game shelf, to the right of Ocarina of Time of course. Not touching it until 6 years later, where I forgot about it. Beating the game, I can truly say that this game is masterpiece. If only I wasn't afraid of the moon... I know science class would have been alot easier.