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Meet The Pedians Pt1

It's like Super Smash Bros (Subspace Emissary)... But with Pedians.

  1. Artisan
    Meet the Pedians Part 1

    Special Trait:
    This handsome stud can see into the future but only when he has visions. He wields a pickaxe or shovel in case he needs to bash some heads in.
    Special Trait:
    Mikaya can convert energy to mass so she can shoot lasers or even sand at evil.

    Scene: In a private jet somewhere in the Caribbeans…

    Mikaya: It sure is nice of Marc to let us borrow his private jet.

    DarkSpyro: DarkSpyro pilots the jet. Don’t be too grateful. He just wanted it to be used for business purposes like visiting him for example. It’s not like him to share his money with us aside from Nintendo eCards.

    Near the middle of the jet some pedians are enjoying their fellowship with 3DS’s in hand.

    Artisan: Hey guys let’s have a Multi Battle. It’s not often we ever see each other in person so let’s enjoy it.

    Trainer Red: You’re on! N and Vii are you guys up for it?

    Vii: But I still have a daycare to attend to. You guys request way too many things and I have way too little time.

    N: You can do that any day of the week Vii.

    Vii: I’m pretty sure I can’t.

    Artisan: Your call. I guess I’ll 1v1 you Trainer Red as it’s been a while. I have a counter for your Conkeldurr.

    Trainer Red: Sure thing. But do you have counters to anything else?

    Artisan: That’s a good question we can only answer with trial and error. Hey. What do you think Marc is like? This will be the first time we get to see him in person.

    Mikaya: Marc is a nice guy. Unapproachable, but nice.

    Artisan: Yikes. Maybe it’s wishful thinking for me to just talk to him from a distance.

    Trainer Red: Have an open mind man. A lot of people are truly nice when you get to know them.

    Artisan: But you would never want to truly get to know me. Whispers I have a troubled past you may never want to know.

    N: Really? I never would’ve guessed. You are the nicest person around.

    Artisan: Thank you… Aw no! It looks like I’m losing to you again Red. Have mercy!

    Trainer Red: Not again. I could’ve lost to you this time had I misclicked twice. GG

    Artisan: Good game. Suddenly has a vision. The vision shows that the jet that their on will crash!

    N: What’s wrong Arti? You look like you just saw the devil?

    Artisan: I think I might have.

    Scene: In Marc’s villa somewhere in the Caribbeans…

    Marc: I’ve been following these members for a long time Dilawer.

    Dilawer: I can imagine that. How can you tell what kind of people they are?

    Marc: I don’t. That’s why I want to bring them here. I have a task for them to do.

    Dilawer: And that task is? Sips some water

    Marc: It’s a secret. I’m only going to tell you when they are here.

    Dilawer: Spits water You don’t even know if they’re going to make it here.

    Marc: I have to test them first Dil. I need to know their powers and if they don’t have them they surely will die.

    Dilawer: There goes our perfect relationship with them. But you somehow know that they will live so much you are keeping your task a secret?

    Marc: I’ll tell you then. Right after I override the airplane’s controls.

    Scene: Back on the jet owned by Marc.

    DarkSpyro: It looks like we’re smooth sailing, er flying, Artisan, so there’s no need for us to worry. I got this plane all figured out.

    Speaker: Override engaged

    Artisan: Sure you do. What was that then?

    DarkSpyro: I don’t know. I think we’re descending at an alarming rate

    N: Yells. That’s reassuring.

    DarkSpyro: I’m being serious with you guys. There was no indication.

    Artisan: Well I know we are going to crash so does anyone have a secret power they’ve been hiding to prevent us from… Mikaya! You can turn energy into mass right? You can convert this kinetic energy we have into wind.

    Mikaya: First off how did you know? Second off I don’t think I have a choice. Opens a window. The air she generates cushions the front of the plane.

    Artisan: Lucky guess, no I had a vision.

    Vii: Enlighten me more Artisan. Do you know what I have in cargo?

    Artisan: No I don’t. I don’t like to read scripts.

    Vii: Is there a reason why you are not making sense to me right now Arti?

    Artisan: I said I have a troubled… Just for that Vii I’ll tell you what’s in the cargo. It’s a stolen suit you took from the Air and Space Museum.

    Vii: Gasps. You do know!

    N: Spoiler aler-


    Trainer Red: Thank you for saving us Mikaya, and Artisan, thanks for the heads up.

    Artisan: It was the best part of me that brought it up. But now you have to deal with my worst qualities.

    N: What bad qualities?

    Artisan: Pessimism. We’re in the middle of the Gulf of Mexico.

    DarkSpyro: We have GPS’s Artisan and first responders are on the way. Is anyone here hurt?

    Vii: Nope. Also thanks Mikaya for saving us.

    Trainer Red: Thanks Mikaya.

    Scene: Marc’s villa.

    Dilawer: Reading Marc’s computer watching a livestream of the jet. Well that was money wasted.

    Marc: I never liked that jet anyways.

    What will happen next?

Recent Comments

  1. Earth2543
    Typo here and there but otherwise, it's interesting.
  2. Rattus rattus
    Rattus rattus
    9.9/10 Vii not savage enough ;-;

    good read o/
  3. Kalomaze
    You are a little prominent in the story, and there isnt too many pedians in there yet, but I'd like to see this expanded upon. Some grammatical errors
  4. MysticFantasy
    Nice u should include me
    1. Artisan
      Blogger's Response
      I'm sorry but I already finished writing it and I don't plan on adding more. :(