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Meet The Pedians Pt3

Same Pedian time. Same Pedian channel!

  1. Artisan
    Meet The Pedians Part 3

    Special Trait: He can pilot anything. Even doohickeys and thingamajigs.
    Trainer Red
    Special Trait: As his name implies he enslaves animals and uses them against his enemies. He is the best in the world at his trade. He works at the Bronx Zoo.

    At Marc’s Villa

    Dilawer: Ha ha. Those Pedians are so gullible and unprepared for their task ahead. They are so obedient and naive that they would do anything for Marc granted he’s a nice guy, but I wouldn’t lift a finger for that man.

    DarkSpyro: Well I would if I was actually given a task to do.

    The door opens and Marc and Mikaya enter.

    Marc: Hey. What’s up? We got the helmet so all we need now is the shovel and the idol and we’re all set to prevent judgement day.

    Mikaya: But it took us long enough. It’s now December.

    Marc: Actually that calendar you’re looking at is last year’s. I forgot to buy a new one. It’s really only September.

    Mikaya: I thought the weather looked a little light this season. All for the better I suppose.

    Dilawer: It took you long enough and I suppose it will take the others a little longer…

    Somewhere in China. Trainer Red and Vii need to find an airport.

    Trainer Red: We have foreign money now but the exchange rates are crazy good for us.

    Vii: Just don’t spend it all in one place. Also, we’re out of electricity for that suit.

    Trainer Red: Why couldn’t you find a Varia Suit instead where it never runs out of power and has upgrades or a Zero Suit.

    Vii: A Zero Suit would be too cold and there was no Varia Suit in the Air and Space Museum.

    Trainer Red: I heard those Zero Suits are hot. Hehe Hey there’s an airport. We should be home in no time.

    Somewhere in Alabama, N and Artisan just got their passports and are currently at an airport.

    Artisan: I thought we’d never get out of the Secretary of State’s Office.

    N: I thought you were the one that wanted to stay there.

    Artisan: I said we wanted to stay there when there was a line. Not when we were done.

    N: You think we’ll have DarrkSpyro will pilot the plane we’re on.

    Artisan: I think so. He usually happens to show up at convenient times.

    N: You’re crazy, you know that?

    Artisan: Well I am a lot of things but crazy never crossed my mind before. But yeah I guess you could call me crazy for being on Pedia for years.

    N: You know what I’m saying.

    Two days later everyone appears at the villa. Marc’s villa of course.

    Dilawer: So you’re finally here.

    Trainer Red: You know it and I challenge you to a Pokemon battle!

    Dilawer: Woah woah woah. Why so soon?

    Trainer Red: You quoted Blue from Pokemon Generations. You know that right?

    Dilawer: That was just one of my dorky one liners. Don’t take it too seriously.

    N: Uncle Marc! Hugs Marc.

    Marc: Don’t you ever call me uncle again.

    DarkSpyro: That’s Marc. Almost unapproachable as always.

    Marc: Who said I was unapproachable? You got the ancient relics?

    Artisan: For the record it was DarkSpyro and me because I of course read and wrote the script.

    Vii: That’s Arti. Always wanting to break the fourth wall for a swift joke. Yes we do have the relics Marc. So what’s this about the ‘Bringer of Death’ we have to be careful of?

    Mikaya: The ‘Bringer of Life’ was supposed to appear when we sacrifice these relics to the Bringer of Death like a trojan horse.

    Trainer Red: And if this Bringer of Death doesn’t accept this sacrifice?

    N: Then I think we are pretty much screwed.

    Marc: I know he will accept this offering. Death and life are always in the balance trying to fight each other.

    N: Marc. Can you read scripts too?

    Artisan has another vision. The Bringer of Death, DeathDragon does not accept the sacrifice but the Bringer of Light, Erixsan does show up. They have their own little clash.

    Marc: You okay Artisan.

    N: Yeah he’s okay.

    Dilawer: Let him speak for himself.

    Artisan: Yeah I’m okay but I’m mad that we collected these relics for nothing. The ‘Bringer of Death’ won’t accept the sacrifice.

    Marc: But the ‘Bringer of Light’ will and he’ll gain more power to help him win.

    Artisan: But I don’t know that so how do you know that? Are you insane? You are so sure of yourself but you don’t have the strength to care for anyone but yourself!

    Vii: Artisan! Calm yourself down.

    N: Forgive him. He’s had a few bad days recently. Please don’t make it worse by banning him Marc.

    Marc: I won’t even consider it. All is forgiven if you apologize Artisan.

    Artisan: Even though I’m stubborn I will. By the way where are the rest of the Pedians?

    Marc: Oh. Them? I invited them but they didn’t respond back. I heard Rawrrie and Spinnerweb made a band.

    Artisan: I hope they got room for a drummer. Even though I’m not the best I want to learn.

    Marc: Haha. I think you’re talking to the wrong guy.

    Sure enough Rawrrie and Spinnerweb made their own duo and called it ‘The Pedians’. They rocked in the long days and nights with Spinner being the lead guitarist and Rawrrie being the lead vocalist and during their concert tour they had just enough money to afford a trip to Marc’s villa and back.

    Lyrics to their new hit theme song:
    Chorus 1
    [We got the rockers, the talkers, and the mockers
    The hackers, the slackers, and the I’ve-got-your-backers]
    Uh Huh
    Chorus 2
    [We spend all day watching AAAANNNNIIIMME!
    And spend all night having Pokemon fights
    And in the end, I will not pretend that we were just frieennds.]
    Because we’re more than that
    because like we said we got your baaaack
    Still in the ENNNND we’ll still be FRIIEEEENDS till heaven bends.
    [Chorus 1]
    Uh Huh
    Chorus 2
    [We spend all day watching AAAANNNNIIIMME!
    And spend all night seeing who’s wrong or right
    And in the end, I will not pretend that we were just frieennds.]
    That we were just friends.
    Meet the Pe-di-aaaaaaaans!

    N: Whistles. That was awesome.

    Artisan: Claps. Encore! encore!

    At the villa.

    Spinnerweb: I’m so glad you invited us over Marc. It’s not often we see you face to face. Are you going to do a sacred ritual or something with those relics. You said you had them on a profile post you wrote.

    Marc: About that. The task was to get the relics to stop DeathDragon ‘The Bringer of Death’ but now the plan is changed because Artisan got a vision so now they will be given to Erixsan when he comes here so he can attempt to prevent judgement day where everyone will possibly die.

    Rawrrie: It’s a pleasure to see you guys anyways. Is that you Artisan? Points at N.

    N: Steps out of the crowd. I’m N. That’s Artisan. Points at Artisan.

    Artisan: Hi Rawrrie. I like your voice. You should be on the Voice.

    Rawrrie: Thank you, Artisan but I already have a record deal.

    Vii: That’s my girl.

    Marc: Who wants to play 8-player Smash? I have enough controllers and I think you guys brought your own. Some of you can take turns.

    Artisan: I play a mean Donkey Kong. Thanks Marc. Are we playing teams?

    N: I want to be on Artisan’s team. I know he’s good. I choose Poyo.

    Trainer Red: We can do whatever you like. I’ll play Mario. He seems like a good character.

    Spinnerweb: You know me. Zero Suit all the way.

    DarkSpyro: I guess I’ll try out Charizard. He’s a dragon right?

    Mikaya: Yes Spyro, and I choose Zelda. She’s has a nice dress.

    Marc: I’m really feeling it! I choose you Shulk.

    Vii: I may not be very good but I’ll choose… Rosalina and Luma.

    Artisan: Mikaya and Vii can be on a team and Red and Spinner can be on a team and Spyro and Marc can be on teams. Please no one call me a person who rigged the teams.

    Spinnerweb: You rigged the teams, Artisan. Actually just kidding. This will be fun.

    It went down to the wire when the last one’s standing were Spinnerweb and Marc. Marc won by a narrow margin with a Hail Mary forward smash with the buster activated. Although you want to read further this episode comes to a close so we can have a proper finale on New Year’s Day (not in real life though).


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    That was quite wonderful. This story is pretty amusing so far.
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      4/20 AND at 4:20? How much weed are you smoking lol?
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