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Miitopia -

Description of what the game is, I guess

  1. KooleoKun
    Hello guys! Today I'm describing what Miitopia is, because personally I'm really interested in this game.

    What is Miitopia? -
    Miitopia is a rpg that is considered a "sequel" of Tomodachi
    Life. It's like any other rpg, except that your teammates fight depending
    on how they get along, such as the relationships in Tomodachi Life.
    You buy gear, weapons etc, you pick from 6 classes in the beginning for your mii, like most games.

    Story Plot -

    The evil dark lord is stealing the Mii's faces, and putting them on monsters. :0
    You, a simple traveler witness this with your own eyes and decide to try and stop this, with the help of someone.
    Anyways what interests me in this game, is that how interesting the battle style works. Like Tomodachi Life, your teammates have to get along to work better in battle. They grow bonds and earn special skills with higher levels of friendships. And you don't even get to control your teammates, only yourself. This game is more of a light, comedy rpg, which I like to play everyonce in a while. I also like the aspect of how Mii's have a mind of their own, an example of this is when you give a mii money to buy something and they come back with something completely different.

    On a side note, you can use qr codes for this to add people's mii as teammates. Which is pretty cool ^^

    This game just came recently (Today/ yesterday for some people)
    I've played the demo, (which I recommend you do if you wanna see if you're interested in this game). And am getting the game soon. :3

    Anyways that's all I have to say about the game. Tell me your opinions about this game, and have a good day! :3

Recent Comments

  1. Amit0603
    I will not get it personally, but I was happy that the demo was long compared to others, and was very fun
  2. Marc
    Does it have online multiplayer gameplay? ;~;
    1. KooleoKun
      Blogger's Response
      Sadly, no ;-;
      It's a single-player game