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Minecraft 3DS

Minecraft is coming to 3DS ??????

  1. 3dslikegame
    Minecraft on the 3DS.
    You will know that Minecraft was purchased by Microsoft.
    Given that Nintendo and Microsoft are competitors,
    Microsoft will not just make Minecraft for the 3DS.
    Fortunately, there is already Battlecraft.
    That's just completely Minecraft.
    There is also the cracked version of the 3DS a Minecraft.
    But that was not created by Mojang.
    If you do get the real version of Minecraft on the 3DS wish you better your time of waiting :sleep: inverse tar in your works on the PC.

    This 3DS Game ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

    Is FAKE!!!!!!! :wtf:

Recent Comments

  1. KooleoKun
    there is a game called cube creater on the 3ds eshop demo the full version is comming soon but it is almost exactly like minecraft
  2. endermanrock
    i would LOVE minecraft 3ds edition
  3. Slowpoke
    It would be cool if it would be real
    Am I the only one who still doesnt hate Minecraft?
  4. codyplays
    Cube creators coming later this year and its almost a carbon copy of minecraft,so we gota deal with the clones
  5. Nameer Khan
    Nameer Khan
    Could you explain what battle craft is and also if you recommend it? Also do you play terraria?
  6. SmashChamp