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Minna de Review #1

Today's Minna de Review is... Super Smash Brothers for 3DS!

  1. Ruby
    Welcome to the first Edition of Minna de Review!
    Today's issue features...
    Super Smash Brothers for 3DS!
    Every issue has my review, then yours. We have reviews accepted on the comments section!
    On to my review!
    Gameplay: 5 of 5:
    It's the same as any other Smash Bros Game out there!
    You go around beating the other characters up, then you send them off the stage, and repeat. Don't get launched yourself!
    Content: 4 of 5:
    Basically, more content that any other Smash game! But, there are a few things that don't seem to be there that are liked. Like the Ice Climbers: Where are they? What happened to Tournament mode, Coin mode, and Stage Builder?
    Graphics: 4 of 5:
    For a portable game, it's not that bad...
    Music: 4.8 out of 5
    Really good music for a portable console! There's even a bunch of cool tracks that I like in there! Unfortunately, there seems to be limited amounts of tracks per franchise. Kid Icarus has too many, and Metroid has almost nothing.
    Overall: 4.5 of 5:
    It has a lot more of things, and less of others. It's pretty generic, so be sure to see more stuff in the Wii U version.
    So, that's mine, what's yours?
    Add your review in the comments!
    Or, try these:
    Ask Me!: Ask questions about the game!
    Friend Competition: Let's Exchange FC so we can battle!
    .:End for now:.

Recent Comments

  1. 3dsatackman
    Nice review a bit short but its ok also everyone else the download is just a pic of the ssb4 3ds cover