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Mona Lisa

This is a story I wrote last year. I hope you like it!

  1. SS1o7crazydude
    Mona Lisa.jpg Mona Lisa

    I was strolling around the empty corridors of the Louvre Museum, Paris, France when I came across the eye-striking Mona Lisa hanging by itself on a big white empty wall. At first sight, it looked absolutely glamorous. I was drawn closer to it like a piece of metal to a magnet. It was truly the five-hundred-year-old famous portrait of the Mona Lisa by Leonardo Da Vinci! All was quiet as I cautiously approached it. I noticed the shy smile and it gave me a shock to see the eyes rolling in countless circles. The eyes suddenly stopped to gaze at a vase in the opposite corner of the room.

    Something seemed different about the vase but I just couldn't put my finger on it. It was certainly no ordinary vase. The cylindrical shape was roughly twice the size of my head and was made out of beautiful red, yellow, green and turquoise mosaic tiles; with the Aztec sun displayed on one side. On the bottom were hieroglyphics which meant "the gods are among us." In addition to this, there were also pictures of farmers harvesting crops and horrific snakes too.

    I peeked through the hole at the top of the vase and you won't believe what I found . . . inside was a magical golden bit key. I thought to myself, "what could this key be for?" Without hesitance, I took the key. From the naked eye, I saw the code "SL72" above the right eye of the sixteenth-century masterpiece. I took the painting off the wall without thinking twice about my actions or the consequences for taking them. Behind the wall was a mysterious safe. I turned the dial hoping the code would work and . . . EUREKA!! The safe door opened.

    It was very dark inside and it smelt of dust. I noticed cobwebs everywhere but in the exact center laid an ancient key and before I knew it I was sucked in.

    I was spinning around in endless circles. It made me feel sick and I felt like I was going to puke after ten minutes of this nonsense. I thought to myself, “where the heck am I?!” This day started in the Louvre Museum and now I’m in a pitch black room with no light and no sound. Suddenly, I hit the ground hard with a loud THUMP!

    My legs felt like lead and my back was aching. With my last ounce of strength I got up from the floor, I kept on telling myself to stay awake no matter how heavy my eyelids were. A wave of nausea surged over my head; the world was rotating around me as I reeled across the room drunkenly. With lack of consciousness, I noticed two...no three doors. One door was green, one was pink and another one was a portrait of a woman. It seemed familiar but I couldn’t make out who it was. I’ll just ignore it. I realised that there were signs with words above each door. The world was a blur to me and I couldn’t make out what the signs were saying.

    Blindly, I sauntered towards the green door without thinking about my choice. Slowly, I opened the door and heard a CREEK. My stomach was churning and doing somersaults while I was opening the door. I felt butterflies in my stomach, It was as if everything was going in slow-motion.

    I walked in and fell asleep right on the spot.

    I faintly recall how I got here. I found myself in a cave...hungry...starving. I don’t know how long I’ve been sleeping. I was motionless. The odds of me scaling a tree if a pack of werewolves appeared right now is not in my favour. On the bright side, I gained my consciousness again. My feet felt numb, I got up and looked around. I quickly searched the cave to seek an exit, but couldn’t find one. The cave was hollow and made out of solid rock. I looked up and found a bright ray of light entering the cave through a small crack in a rock. I could barely look at it. It took about ten minutes for my eyes to adjust to the brightness.

    Now I just had to think about how I was going to get out of here. All I could see was yellow sand; a thick red wool blanket (the one I found myself in when I woke up); a long plank of wood and a rope in the corner of the room. I sat on a rock to have a moment to myself. “How am I going to get out of here?” Suddenly a brilliant idea dawned upon me!

    I strolled towards the rope and plank of wood. I took the rope and made a loop; hooked it onto a rock at the ceiling of the cave by throwing it and managed to get it on the first try. Then I picked up the plank of wood, tied it to the bottom of the rope and with three big heave-ho’s I knocked out one of the boulders in the cave. With excitement, I climbed through the hole and could immediately smell the fresh air. FREEDOM, AT LAST! I ran around with joy and happiness. Finally, I was out of the cave.

    Um . . . but, wait. One problem. I was in the middle of nowhere surrounded by large date trees that seemed to reach for the skies. On the bright side, I had dates to eat but I needed water as well. About twenty meters away I spotted an aquarium-blue river nearby a waterfall drizzling over the rocks. I eagerly sprinted towards it as fast as I could only to find out it was a mirage. Luckily, there were clouds accumulating in the sky which meant it could rain soon. I went for a walk to explore my environment.

    There was nothing on the island to see. I used petals to trace back my route to the cave and used them sparingly; I wasn’t planning on going too far out; the last thing I needed was to get lost on this vast deserted island. After about half an hour I had a feeling I was walking in endless circles. I sprinted away from the cave as fast as I could and after about ten minutes I was back at where I started. The cave. I decided that was enough for one day, the sun was setting and it was starting to get dark.

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  1. Marc
    You couldn't take photos? :c
    1. SS1o7crazydude
      Blogger's Response
      What!! I'm not even done writing this blog post! How did you see it? I'm still writing it. I don't think I've sent it yet.