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Monster Hunter 3 ultimate ANGER!

This blog shows the importance of handling different weapons in the game.

  1. CadeRox
    Hey guy's this will be my first post here so I hope you like it :D

    Today I will be talking about Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate for the 3ds
    I got this game a while ago and thought it was the best. It had
    a little bit of blood and violence, but it was a tame enough game for my parents to allow me to get. It was a great free roam game where you could travel to many different places, which I admired. I played it nonstop for a few weeks until it got really hard. I had always relied on the dual blades completely to do all of my missions, and had just recently
    became one of those professional hunters.It was fine at first with my dual blades, I hunted down the great Jaggi, got some better armor and was feeling pretty good about how I was doing... until the pink Rathian. (BOM BOM BOOHM) At first I was like oh OK this should be fine.I had read in my hunters notes somewhere that they had a different way of poisoning you.No big whoop right?Wrong.It took me out in 2 minutes.I tried several more times
    with the same armor and weapons, but each time the same thing happened.I failed.
    I decided to use the hammer since it seemed powerful enough, but it was just too heavy.I had not taken the time at all to train with different weapons,
    and now it was time to pay the price. Out of frustration, I quit the game and have not played it until recently.So this is a lesson to all those monster hunters out there.You should always train with different weapons to have
    to know how to handle them when you need them.