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Monster Hunter 4 special demo

Quick look at the MHU4 demo

  1. Magik
    Quick look at the MHU4 special demo that was given out:

    Title screen:
    Character selection:
    Loading screen:
    Quick screen look (sorry for the blurriness):
    Gameplay layout:

Recent Comments

  1. EstebanTill2
    Great blog friend! Don't you have a spare code that could send to me?
  2. Tarro57
    Lucky, I wish I received the demo, but I guess since I got the Pokemon and Smash ones, it's okay I didn't receive this one.
  3. OopaMazo
    You have the same 3DS as me! :P
    Great blog, Nova! :D
    1. Magik
      Blogger's Response
      Mine's actually the Ocarina of Time version, you cant see that though cause I didnt show the back. But thanks!