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More DLC for Smash bros. 3ds/WiiU

Do you think it might be possible?

  1. Coldfire731
    So, I was having a conversation with some of my friends at school the other day. One of them had, finally gotten both versions of Smash. He was happy to get the code for Mewtwo and that's when it hit me. Why doesn't nintendo try to get more third party collaborators and create some separate DLC fighters. There would be an update before this event happened that makes you have the textures for the characters, but does not allow you to use them. This way if someone else has a DLC character they could use it without having to stick to staying with the defaults in local or online play. So my question is. If Nintendo were to convince more 3rd party players to fight now, which players would you like to see? and do you think your character could be a strong possibility?

Recent Comments

  1. bernardowho
    I would love to see Roy & Lucas back! I don't see why Lucas was removed. I was really sad. And how about removing Roy? He was slightly different from Marth and should have been brought back to SSBB! but noooo! We have Lucina who's 90% like Marth, don't get me wrong, I love Lucina:) but I just don't know why Lucina couldn't have different moves... If Roy is brought back, then I hope his appearance will change like from the art work of the DLC of Fire Emblem: Awakening!
  2. esco tanner
    esco tanner
    I would like to see Roy get into the action. However there is a slim chance since he was in melee but mewtwo was so why not?
  3. Magik
    I think 3 Third Party characters are enough considering Rayman may be on the way with the whole trophy thing. If I had to pick a Third Party character it'd be Ryu, but as for DLC I wanna see Monita from Nintendo land!!! Hehe
  4. AliTheAce
    I would honestly like to have DLC characters, as there were a couple of clones that were added this gen. I would love to see Snake make a comeback, and having a few Final Fantasy characters like Cloud and Sephiroth would be AMAZING, as Nintendo has already made a game with SquareEnix (Bravely Default)