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My dialogue while playing Five nights at Freddys.

Bonnie.... I swear you come near me...

  1. Magik
    This is almost exactly how I sounded while playing the first Five Nights at Freddy's.

    Night 1:

    Me: "Oh gawd I get scared so easily I'm freaking out right now"
    Friend: "Calm down it's not that bad"
    *peer pressure kicks in*
    Me as I start to play: "Okay I get this. Ima gonna just watch through the cameras.... Oh shoot that purple bear thing is moving"
    Friend: "That's a bunny. It's name is Bonnie."
    Me: "Well it looks like a bear. Oh shoot where did it go? Oh shoot oh shoot oh shoot..... Wait there's a duck too?"
    Friend: "Yeah, Chica."
    Me: "Ones outside the door I see on the video camera. Okay nevermind he left"
    Friend: "That means he can come in! Close the door!!"
    Me: "OH CRAP NO NO NO AGH PLEASE NO! Okay I close the door. And oh shoot the other guy is outside the other door. Okay both are close and it's 5:00. Now I kinda just wait I guess...."
    *6 am comes*
    Me: "Okay I'll admit that was fun. Round 2 I guess."

    Night 2:

    Okay, to leave out all the cursing and screaming I'll summarize:
    Pretty much Freddy and Foxy were after me and while I was viewing through the cameras the whole time I was scared THE HECK OUT OF BONNIE. I might have also thrown my friends phone and more cursing occurred. I hate Bonnie. I hate this game. 10/10

Recent Comments

  1. Derplink_:3
    That is quite funny. ^^ I'd be twice as freaked as you were playing. XP
    1. Magik
      Blogger's Response
      Haha, thanks
  2. Jfire
    This is too funny
    After all you've only got:
    Five Nights At Freddys
    Or In This Case 2
  3. Slayerpon Tatsu
    Slayerpon Tatsu
    Hmm... that was my experience playing SAW 1 and 2
  4. Sketch
    Basically me on FNaF 2 Yesterday. XD
  5. OopaMazo
    Lol I like at the very end how you said "I hate this game" then rated it 10/10. Bi-polar haha. xD
    1. Magik
      Blogger's Response
      Glad you liked it!