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My experience 4: CVS

I keep making these because life keeps giving me reasons to make these .-.

  1. Magik
    Well, here's this one

    If I remember correctly I was in 1st grade, so around 6 or 7. I was sick so I had to go with my mom to CVS and I remember this day pretty well.

    In every CVS there is always this section in the back with dumb anduseless cheap toys no one ever buys or uses. Except for this Monferno toy that came with a Pokeball.

    Well, Diamond was my first Pokemon game ever and I chose Chimchar, so I wanted this. I asked my mom for it and my brother wanted one too, so she bought it for us.

    Now normally, when someone buys 2 of the same product, the cashier scans the same product twice. When you leave the alarm goes off because one product is t scanned. That's exactly what happened so when we left the alarm goes off.

    A lady, I don't exactly remember how old she looked other than middle aged walked in as we were leaving. The alarm goes off so the lady got scared and did that jump thingy when you get scared, and accidentally fell on my mom and pushed her into a stack of this shower product (I think).

    But that's not a big deal, what was the cashier comes out and tells my mom to pick everything up. My mom looked so upset she ran out of CVS with me and my brother. She out us in the car and the guy comes out again and starts yelling for my mom to pick it up.

    It was a pretty funny and weird day for me. Needless to say my mom never went back there, but we don't live near that place anyway.

    True story