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My experience 5: The Dollar Store

It was awesome

  1. Magik
    So, most towns have a dollar store. And everything there is a dollar.
    And most of you know I love comic books. I'm a huge Marvel Fan.

    So I was there alone, my mom had to do something and I couldn't come with her, and we weren't near my house. So she dropped me there at the dollar store.

    I was walking and tripped on my shoe lace and fell. Under the shelve I found a $20 Bill! That can get you 20 things!

    Next I found a stack of some comics. Not the newer ones, some of the older ones. I bought 20 comic books. It was awesome, and I'm really lucky.

    True story

Recent Comments

  1. 3dsatackman
    that is awesome
  2. Starmanfan
    Best story ever about a dollar tree
  3. SmashChamp
  4. Slowpoke
    Wish I would have so much luck
  5. Robbie
    Wow, congraz!
  6. Earth2543
    what a lucky you :panda:
  7. skinick25
    Wish I had luck like that!
  8. paceygym
  9. 5/5,
    Wow, what a lucky day for you! Congratz!
    1. Magik
      Blogger's Response
      Thanks! Maybe I should get my parents to play Lottery today....