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My experience 6 (I think that's what I'm up to): GameStop! Again!

Yay gamestop.... The only place they make you wait so you can pay them...

  1. Magik
    I went to Gamestop while my mom was in Target because they are right next to each other in the mall. I was looking around and I found Marvel vs Capcom 3, and since my old disc was scratched I went to buy it.

    Under it I found some X Men game so I went to buy that too.

    I asked a lady who worked there if she knew anything about the X Men game and she just said not to buy it.

    Pretty much here was our conversation:

    Me: Do you know anything about this game?
    Lady clerk: Yeah, don't buy it
    Me: But do you know anything about it?
    clerk: Here let me show you some other games

    She went out and bought Skyrim and Far Cry 4 out from the back room.

    Clerk: You should buy these instead
    Me: No thank you, I'd just like to buy these 2 games
    Clerk: Okay, but it's $60 more if you buy Skyrim with it
    Me: No thank you, I'd like to buy Marvel vs Capcom 3 and X Men Trilogy.
    Clerk: So you don't want these 2 games?
    Me: No thank you
    Clerk: Okay, your loss, it's only $60 more

    I just left the store, I got really upset with her. Lucky me though... Target had Marvel Vs Capcom 3 so I bought it there.
    I have no idea if she works on commission because I have a feeling she does...

Recent Comments

  1. KalTurahk
    Looks like Gamestop is the same all around the world... I don't really have that much experience with 'em, but they've certainly annoyed lot of Pokemon fans here...
  2. paceygym
    Uh, no comment
  3. OopaMazo
    People doing their job without regard to their clients or customers... too many times have I seen this.
    1. Magik
      Blogger's Response
      Thank you for reminding me about Foot Locker! Ima gonna make a 7th .....
  4. SmashChamp
    Wow, that's a mean Lady Clerk
    1. Magik