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My experience 7: Micheals

Havent made one of these in a while

  1. Magik
    Apperently im still doing this.

    Today at Micheals, we bought frames. Had some things to frame. :cool:Okay, cool. Now for the story:

    After we bought the frames, around 20, a lady who worked their offered to help us put them away. We let her and while walking out, she scrathed each frame on the side door.
    Yeah, she scratched 10 frames. Since she technically was off her work hours and was helping us out of kindness, we couldnt blame the store.
    So the lady offered to pay for it, but she didnt have enough money.
    We wound up paying for 3 frames again. Needless to say we didnt let her help again.

Recent Comments

  1. paceygym
    .... I hope that was an accident
    1. Magik
  2. SmashChamp