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My Experience at F.Y.E

This actually happened

  1. Magik
    Some if you know about me getting a Wii U, so when I went to F.Y.E to buy presents for my family, I asked them if they sold a Wii remotes. This is what happened:

    Me: "Hey do you sell Wii remotes here?"

    Clerk: "we do, but For Xbox or Playstation?"

    Me: *stares with blank face* "Actually nevermind"

Recent Comments

  1. dominiquet
    fye rocks you can buy any dragonball z season their
  2. Spinnerweb
    Oh well, it happens. Can't always have super staff.
  3. Megalegacy98
    Why do they even work there if they cant tell the difference between an XBOX controller and a Wii remote >.<
  4. Marc
    That's one place I'm never going for shopping :P
    1. Magik
      Blogger's Response
      Actually, it's really nice depending in where you go. Just not really for Nintendo or used games. I usually to because it's closer and has awesome tee shirts and memorabilia