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My game collection in Nintendo.

Game collection of Ds, Dsi, 3ds, and Wii games.

  1. Callie
    I have had many games of this kind, I will say each game I have and provide a small description of the game, hoping that some of you may be interested and I dunno, wanna get it sometime.
    I'll start with 3ds
    - The Croods Prehistoric Party - This game has no storyline, it is just a casual game with many mini games included. Not much to say of this game.
    -The Legend Of Zelda A Link Between Worlds - In this game you .. You know.. Proceed with the gaming, and get your powers to collide with walls, along with every zelda game you end up fighting Gannon one way or another.
    -Batman Arkham Origins - Never Played this game much.. Idk what to say about it.
    -Animal Crossing New Leaf - I highly recommend this casual life simulator, you get off a train to your destination to see you have became mayor!
    -Legend Of Zelda Ocarina of Time 3d - This is a fun Adventure and puzzle game. I recommend this as well.

    And so this doesn't get too long I'm gonna post rest in the comment section

Recent Comments

  1. PigMayor
    Just a heads-up, if you have already downloaded Tomadachi Life (or anything else for that matter) you can redlownload it for free from the eShop as long as you do it from the same Nintendo Network ID the gae was purchased on. I don't think formatting would reset the purchase history.
  2. Ruby
    Try getting Tomodachi Life.
    1. Callie
      Blogger's Response
      I had it downloaded, then my brother formatted my 3ds therefore I do not have it anymore