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My gaming timeline

Blog about progress/achievements/reviews on games I own.

  1. T-Player Guy
    This will be basically a blog that shows ehat I'm doing on some games that I own on my shelf,and it will be 3 achievements/progress and maybe one review per blog post,and to be specific,I have more than 110 games,and they include games from DS,Wii,3DS,Wii U and XBOX 360.That's quite a lot of them,and because of it,I won't know which games to play or talk about,but I'll try to keep things organized as possible.So here's my first post of the blog:

    • (Achievement)Super Smash Bros Brawl:Obtained trophy from challenge "Get 500 different trophies"
    • (Progress)Mario & Luigi Dream Team:Got a score of 205 points on Mad Skelleton(shell) challenge,while searching for Big Massif at Wakeport.
    • (Progress/Achievement)Project X Zone:Completed Chapter 14(Eternal Rivals)
    Note:I only have my Wii,3DS and DS at the moment,but I might get my Wii U and XBOX 360 back when school finishes,and because of that,I'll focus more on studying for now.
    So,what are your thoughts on the blog?