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My Journey in Pokemon X

The luckiest boy in the world.

  1. BenQD86
    So, my journey begins as all of them do. Meet neighbours, go to cafe, get pokemon and terrible nickname suggestions. Go out into the world. I start off by grabbing some pokeballs. Gotta catch 'em all, right? I go out into the tall grass and start walking around. I get attacked by Fletchling! I send out my chespin. He tackles repeatedly. i catch that little bugger real quick! scoop him up and move along. walk around until i find my favorite normal type, Sentret. Catch him too. Remembering i'm not too partial to fire pokemon, i activate wonder trade and drop littler Fletchling in, just to see what i'll get. And sure enough.......Level 100 Jirachi! for a new game, that is a good trade! However, i did end up trading it via GTS for a Kyurem. lol good times.

Recent Comments

  1. BeebakeeAshley
    You can't trade Jirachi in the Global Trade System(GTS) because It will say that Jirachi is a Special Pokèmon and It will not let you trade it . I tried and It said It's a special pokemon.
    1. BenQD86
      Blogger's Response
      well, if you'd like the proof. lol i also traded a Kyogre. And I've traded event pokemon in GTS before. it has to be for other event pokemon if memory serves. And the Kyurem i have does have a nature Kyurem doesn't normally have. Of course, there is also the off chance it was a non-event Jirachi (i.e. Action Replay made.) Had that happen before. lol Couldn't use it in batle online (Pinsir was that pokemon.)