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My new Surface! ^o^

The story of my tradgedy with a happy ending on top

  1. PigMayor
    Alright, so let me fill you in on the story so you know why I got a replacement, step by Step.
    I got a Surface 2 for my last birthday. For a long time, it had been functioning perfectly normal. I was only using it for everyday activities. Then, there was one of those "Your PC will restart in _ days to finish updating". I didn't think much of it at the time, but little did I know it would be the last update I ever received from my Surface 2.
    Soon after the update happened, my Surface started acting strange. It took longer amounts of time to boot up, and it was overall pretty slower than it used to be. I also didn't think much of that, just a phase I thought.
    Then things got ugly. Eventually it took at least 5 minutes to start booting up and it wasn't working properly, saying "Automatic Repair couldn't fix your PC. :("
    I didn't know what to doom it felt like the world had stopped, since it was my main internet thing since my brother uses the laptop more than 6 hours a day. (seriously, just look how much he plays Minecraft.)
    It was like this for months. I eventually just ignored it. There seemed to be no solution. Then, my dad wondered if we could contact Microsoft about it. Long story short, we ended up with the advance replacement plan, where they sent us the new one first, then we send back the broken one. Ever since (which has been about an hour) the new one is perfectly normal. Hopefully it lasts.
    The End

Recent Comments

  1. Artisan
    Well Xbox Live got hacked yesterday. Not sure if that solves anything...
    1. PigMayor
      Blogger's Response
      Is that why I heard rumors that Xbox Live was down? Also what happened in the full story? I for some reason interested in hacks but idk why